Recurring Impressions; Dharmamegha Samādhi


iv. 27-30 Recurring Impressions/Dharmamegha Samādhi

4.27 The subliminal impressions stored in the Alaya-receptacle can rise again due to lapses in the Recollective Resolve.

When the yogin neglects to maintain the Recollective Resolve, habitual triggers will set into motion again the defiled sensate impressions that are housed in the Alayavijñana. These impressions need to be kept in check lest their debilitating effects halt proper Self-Mind Cultivation.

4.28 These recurring obstacles can be expunged given the methods for their removal (1:27-29).

If these damnable hindrances slip through, Patañjali reiterates here passages from 1:27-29 for their removal:

1.27: The invocation of the Sacred OṀ. Daily meditation on this Primordial Sound renders all conflicting associations mute; such is the nature of Its Deathless prowess.

1.28 When faithfully invoked, the Deathless Sound of OṀ reveals the very Essence of the Unborn Spirit.  One needs to bear in mind that when regularly and repeatedly intoned, the Unborn Spirit Itself breathes through you. The prolonged intonation actually creates an inner nadis (channel) through which the yogin is born aloft through the life-support breath of the Blessed Sugata.

1.29 Through prolonged invocation of the Sacred OṀ, direct one-pointedness of Mind is reinforced as “all” thought-obstructions are now rendered dormant. Now all the aforementioned distracting-subliminal impressions are dissolved as they are incapable of standing-up to the Sound of the One and Absolute.

4.29 Through reinforced non-attachment to any-thing outside of Self, the Yogin has advanced into the Great Dharmamegha Samādhi.

This stage can only be reached once the yogin has effectively disengaged from even the highest possible exalted state imaginable. Indeed, this is the Dharma-Cloud Samādhi. This is likened to what the Lankavatara Sutra terms the 10th stage of Mind-Realization. Once reached there is no longer any lingering trace of any kind of desire to reach the ultimate—because the Self now fully Recollects that IT IS the Ultimate. Also, this is an effortless Pure Self-Mind Realization. There is not even any infinitesimal traces of effort being made on the yogin’s part—all IS AS IT IS, with No-Thing arising or descending.

4.30 All former karmic associations and attachments are neutralized within the Dharmamegha Samādhi.

Being the ultimate in Deep Samādhi, ALL past conflicting associations and attachments are stilled as the Wheel of Karma ceases to turn on its diurnal base of samsara. Patañjali would associate the word jivanmukta here, as the yogin is now liberated from any further rebirths while still in the flesh.

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