A short discourse on the primordial light of the Unborn

Bodhisattva of compassion (Thailand)

The primordial light of your true nature cannot abide or be found in a ‘thing’ ,or a ‘no-thing’ [1].

That doesn’t exclude though it´s most dynamic ability, which is to create and destroy all things and no-things by any pre-set condition in the distorting body consciousness field of an ordinary worldling [puthujjana].

Here the wise should know where to seek and rejoice in the jewel behind all dharmas without having their mind caught up or entangled in any position or possession.

We, lankavatarians, call this mysterious and wondrous ability; instantaneously conditioned animation by the primordial light of the unborn mind, or the First Principle.

Behind all images that seem to appear and cessate before your inner and outer consciousness field, there is a permanent unchanging principle; the Unborn Mind, the One Mind, or Buddha-nature. To know this imageless Mind or most dynamic Principle, face to face, is to know one’s self-nature directly, and not as most worldlings do, by way of a five folded proxy which is cause to all their ignorance and suffering.

With it they think and move limbs and imagination into countless patterns and positions, without it they wouldn’t be able to initiate a single breath, or thought or willed presence of any beloved no-thing.

Yet this is what worldlings of the six realms do on a daily basis; playing around with a force greater than anyone of them can ever imagine; much like gods in a sandbox filled with a highly mysterious essence fulfilling every wish or desire in accordance with concurrent conditions.


[1] Contrary to common belief, the meaning of a ‘no-thing’ , is the imaginary presence of a things “absence”. Beings can miss things that are no more present, as expected in their consciousness field, by means of great habit .This no-thing can be; a surgically removed leg, a loved one that has died, or anything of great impression/importance. In a way this is a far worse mind-sickness than materialism and the obsessive love of things, because it tends to follow a sentient into the afterlife and generate grave illusions and cause to further rebirths.

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