Homage to the Shining Ones


Who are you?
Who really knows you?
No one of this world truly knows you.
No one, except your own true self.
Where is your true self?
A spiritually endowed mind of promising light,
sufficiently attuned to this jewel,
without the slightest doubt or obstruction,
jumps up and points to the moon,
or raises an eye brow of good understanding,
proving the principle of his true nature
being vividly dynamic, and a boundless source of
any and all life without the slightest effort.
If you still are seeking your self, remember;
Not things, not the absence of things,
Not your body, nor the omission of your body;
but the Imageless, Unborn Mind is your true self.

Your Original Nature before all things born
and all things gone.
Stop deluding yourself with things of the world
that lack any importance in the face of this great light,
and seek your own original face you had before
even your present parents were born.
To those with little sand in their eyes,
destined to be born as great bodhisattvas
there exists a flower in this world,
dark and obscure to bewitched eyes
and lax hearts.
This Five-Petaled Lotus is one of such beauty and power
that its presence, when fully bloomed,
even boggles the majestic minds of gods.
Any good Dharma Master would tell you,
by pointing directly to this flower,
You have basically focused the entire power of your Spirit
to allow the Mind of this blossom be like a wall,
A wall upon no phenomenon of stillness,
or motion or time takes root,
Thus one day, in a flash of suddenness,
bringing something great to the world,

something bright and clear
that effortlessly illuminates the triple realms
before your deathless Mind´s eye.
And in the midst of this liberating wonder,
in a point , beyond the reach of birth and death,
fruiting [enlightenment] naturally achieved.


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  1. Vajragoni says:

    A taste of “Classic Tozen” here…most nice.

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