Four: The Yoga of Gnosis


Tozen was right on the mark when he recently described Krishna as an avatar of Vishnu:

Now when we look at Vishnus spiritual incarnation known as Krishna in the world and Krishna consciousness in the sambhokaya continuum, the black skin you refer to on Krishna, is just a symbol in early hindu paintings of this 8th incarnation of the Brahma Vishnu the maintainer, being as SUCH, fully aware of the Dark Principle of the One Mind, that permeates all ten directions of the three kayas and certainly this Universe, thus regulating its mechanics on the subatomic quantum plane.

His assertion is backed-up with the following:

Vishnu, the preserving or sustaining person of the Hindu Trinity, is not mentioned here, but Krishna is usually looked upon as an incarnation of this aspect of God. As the Lord, Krishna explains, he dwells in every being, but he is manifested with special power in his incarnations or avatars. Avatara literally means descent: Vishnu is believed to descend and incarnate himself on earth from age to age to reestablish divine law (dharma). Without such intervention the entire created universe would go into decline. The natural course of creation is to go through cycles of regeneration and decay, but Vishnu – Krishna – has compassion for all the suffering of the world, and comes himself to protect the good and destroy evil. Thus Vishnu has a special relationship with all beings: he personifies the aspect of God who so loves the world that he comes into it to reestablish the purity and happiness of the Golden Age. [Easwaran Ed., Eknath (2009-06-01). The Bhagavad Gita (Classics of Indian Spirituality) (p. 112). Nilgiri Press. Kindle Edition.]

We shall soon witness the very High-Gnosis that permeates this particular chapter, as the Unborn Absolute confers some profound “mechanics on the subatomic quantum plane.”

4.1 I once revealed this eternal secret to Vivasvat. In turn Vivasvat bestowed this gnosis upon Manu, and then Manu conferred it upon Ikshvaku.

Mythically, Vivasvat represents the Sun God. Manu is the first Ancestor of Man. Ikshvaku is the great sage upon whom was mystically conferred the Gnostic teachings of the Blessed One. At a mystical, esoteric-subatomic-quantum plane something quite deeper is being revealed here. The omnipresent Unborn Light is present as a subatomic sun on the Sambhogakayic plane of the Divine-Eye; this initiates a supra-nova-like awakening within the yogin’s Gnostic-eye as the Divine-Gnostic vision is concentrated at the point within the Tathatic-Eye Chakra (point between the eyebrows).  Paraphrasing Matthew 6:22, “The Light of the body is the Divine-Eye; if therefore your Gnostic-eye radiates this singularity, your whole being will be full of Divine Light.” Invariably, the yogin’s 7 chakras are kicked-into high gear, as it were, as Unborn Light descends into these spiraling-centers of spiritual consciousness and animates the process wherein the Yogin begins to ascend to the realm of Dharmakayic-Spirit.

4.2 In this fashion, Arjuna, eminent sages received the Yoga of Gnosis within the Sambhogakayic continuum. Yet, sadly, over the eons this Grand Divine Enterprise has been reduced to a feeble-blimp in the clouded-consciousness of man.  

4.3 Today I am bestowing this Grand Yogic Gnosis upon you, Arjuna, since you are my precious devotee and friend.

Awe-inspiring verse! The Absolute-Divine-Self, recognizes and pays homage to Arjuna’s devotion—even calling him “friend”. Is there any better, or for that matter, intimate friend other than the Unborn Itself?

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