(2) No Birth, No Death


If your true self is Un-born it will not experience death.
There is no true birth, there is no true death. Only imagined and
experienced as very real through the awesome force of the Unborn Mind
that is caught within its own creation by its own sustaining and
powerful habit-energy.

This is important to contemplate for those who seek freedom from
dukkha [dissatisfaction].

For if you’re mourning one who died, I ask you, did you truly mourn the
deceased before he or she was born? For where does this body-mind go
if not from where it once arrived. A most sad cycle if continued due
to ignorance of this mind’s true self-nature and seductive power to
thrust itself into image after image in countless equally false and
imaginary, but very “real” realms.

When your “self” realizes the foolishness in this and has had enough of
dissatisfaction, It ascends greatly on the path towards its true self
which is unborn, uncreated, unbound, deathless and as such in perfect Nirvana.
Its goal of perfect wisdom of what it truly is. That it is neither this image nor that image.

Here in the Unborn Mind School of Zen, an “image” refers to any Mind projected-manifestation that is sustained through ignorance as any Form, any Sound, any Sensation, any thought, Concept or idea; any Emotion, or in short, any sensory impression or expression that in itself or in combination with other images makes the image appear “alive” in notions of enjoyable, seductive, attractive, repulsive, frightening, or even painful.

Essentially, It realizes, that IT itself was the sustaining creator of all that IT was drawn into. IT realizes the danger of misdirecting its power erroneously and descending “into” and clinging onto an image or participate “in” this image’s interactions with other images…

Verily, I tell you, that if you have to mourn, you should mourn those who are “born” and not those who “die”. For it is the “born” mind, taking abode in such a strong self-image as a worldling “baby” that has to suffer through its illusive life-span ahead, thus sharing its imagined suffering with other equally “born” minds in a great interacting spectacle of ever-changing impermanence and dissatisfaction.

Thus, the true bodhisattva, in infinite compassion works unceasingly to enlighten these “born” minds of their error, by showing the exit-sign and escape from this old and burning theatre, by saying ,“adieu”, to this collectively sustained  and samsaric mind-realm….

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