(3) Faith in the Unborn


Indeed, I tell you all.

Have faith in this, light, which enables your
present mind to conceive innumerable images.

Itself IT never becomes nor does it ever un-become.
It’s luminous essence serves all sentient beings
indiscriminately, whether they are high or low, good or bad.

It does not consciously judge nor does it ever condemn.
It is the water that brings instantaneous life to all those seeds you
desire and manifest as thoughts, emotion and dreams.

By its power you are able to walk, to talk,
to express a thousand views and hopes
and by its very power you move that mouth
that injures your imagined enemy and brings joy
to your imagined friend.

See, what you see now, as a temporary abode,
an abode conceived by past erroneous choices
on an imagined path towards final liberation,
in the very light which illuminates this path.

It is the undiscovered country you have before you,
but are not able to see because you have the wrong view.

It precedes every breath and every self-conception
of every living being, every action or reaction
throughout all countless realms.
It brings life to the dead and death to the living.

To rejoice in the truth of this Unborn Mind,
is to invite its deathless light to enter
your house, like an old good friend…

Let this friend you have faith in,
bring you the good news of what you truly are…

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One Response to (3) Faith in the Unborn

  1. Methexis says:

    Above posted verses reveal the truth most beautifully. I want to try to repay this Dharma-gift by contributing a response to the first two:

    “Have faith in this light, which enables your
    present mind to conceive innumerable images”

    Even the faith itself
    is light’s activity
    and not something
    one can have

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