(4) IT


Like the moon above your heads.
Such is the Buddha Mind or your true nature.
Reflecting itself in the waters of your desires and dependent origination.
By its power and your deluded desires you have formed a false body.
Thus, you abide in this entrapment.
You are nothing but a dream of the Buddhas.
With all that follows it.
Great suffering and brief periods of joy.
Through eons and eons.
Until the final awakening.
So why don’t you realize the impermanent nature of this dream.
If you seek proof, watch how it moves your hands or tongue.
Even heartbeats and breath.
Always there, one step ahead.
Watch IT illuminate countless thoughts and Secret Dreams.
By refusing to realize this, you are getting deeper and deeper into that inevitable web of pain.

But, there are a few who refuse to be puppets anymore;
They have found that secret dark way of illumination.
They use the power of this great source.
Trusting IT like they once trusted their parents as newborns.
With a singleness of mind, they visualize the path “upwards” to its original source.
Knowing that the source, IS, the visualizer.
The original moon, above that false mirror image.
For I tell you this…
The dreamer will at once awaken and thus reclaim one’s original glory.
Never again,
To fall asleep in this samsaric turmoil.

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