Additional Library Files

New Library Files from Tozen are now located in our Library Link above. Most of these are hard to find older editions. The Classic Dumoulin Complete History of Zen Buddhism is offered here in One Vol. VERY Hard to find. Thanks again, Tozen, for helping to make our library one of the finest around.












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2 Responses to Additional Library Files

  1. n. yeti says:

    All good companions in a seige.

  2. Tozen says:

    I do what I can to ease the odds of a sentient finding their way to good dharma literature, at least once in their life time.

    I like the way you depicted each book with a small image. Now imagine if it was possible to that in the “library” section, with a link describing the title and year of publication. Now wouldn´t that we something? A fine virtual library of exquisite and rare buddhist literature. In any case I have more books if you wish, and some of them not possible to find these days.

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