(6) The Womb of Light


The desireful, skandha-poisoned “false” self, is doomed to fail and become reborn in different forms (depending on its karma) as long as it does not acknowledge the treasure that follows it wherever it goes.

This treasure, the most shining pearl that “co-exists” with it awaits its “immaculate” birth. It’s the Buddha aspect and alternative to that which conceives itself as a mortal lost self in a cruel world.

The ignorant points and says that you are a buddha or that all sentient beings are the Buddha-nature. But that is not so. Buddha Gotama pointed straight at you and tried to convey that all of you have the possibility and POTENTIALITY to, like his mother Mayadeva discover the seed of the Buddha that co-exists with you and by focusing your attention [right view, right concentration, right effort] on this spiritual seed, thus nourishing its birth.

Those who are mothers or women may understand what such a process means and how much careful attention a coming child needs.

For it is so, that those who forget their false selves and notion of gender for a while, and chooses to participate in such a birth, will be awed by the huge light-emanation that will occur when their true self is born as a bodhisattva; it is a moment which is not comparable to anything in this world.

This newborn spiritual child then has to undergo 10 stages before its Buddhahood. This is nothing to be concerned over, as the process takes care of itself. The only thing to focus on here is to allow the light to flow steadily from this child while it grows. The moment will arise when the awakened spiritual child cuts off the cord, to its false “twin”, thereby partaking on the great path which is destined for all similar bodhisattvas before they fully recollect their Buddhahood.

Thus, the once suffering and deluded dark self has given life to the luminous true self or spiritual child [bodhisattva] as the endless process of countless meaningless births has cessated.

This was indeed symbolized in Queen Mayadevas’ mystical birth of the predestined Buddha Gotama (who appeared first as a bodhisattva and by spiritual cultivation, “matured” into a Tathagata, [Buddha]).

So, the focus here is that you decide whether or not you dare or wish to become such a birth-giver. (Remember that only what is unborn is able to conceive such a birth – hence the saying that the Unborn is the Birth-giver or creator of all things).

If you do, then you need to prepare the spiritual “womb” in which the seed must mature and one day spring forth to its predestined future Buddha-hood.

Never for a moment think that a potential Buddha already and innately resides in you.

No, a Buddha does not reside in a composition of karmic defilements (desires, emotions, memories, etc) descended into this world as a “human” being.

Anyone who believes so should be prepared for big trouble [spiritually], if they really believe that they can convert a karma-rupa into a bodhisattva and then a Buddha.

The Buddha nature is already perfectly recollected in dharmadhatu, awaiting the spiritual child to be born and fully recollect IT.

Above all, remember that this spiritual path is never personal.

The false and deluded notion that there is one specific path for each being should be left behind unto those who are arrogant and ignorant enough to believe in such a heresy.

There is only ONE PATH to liberation and the Buddha Gotama showed you how to allow your true self to awaken, give birth and enter that 10 stage bodhisattvic path, thus allowing itself to evolve into a Tathagata.

Just remember that Mara will do everything in his power to counteract such an immaculate and most sacred birth. Yes, he will do everything to make you accept his own realm as the only true reality and thus make you produce more false deluded rebirths…

So, get pregnant!

You are to become father or mother of a glorious and most luminous child of pure light. May your bodhisattvic child’s coming spiritual birth, echo in all ten directions…

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