(7) Liberation


How may one attain enlightenment and liberation from suffering in this very life of imprisonment?

If you wish a clear answer and understanding, then pay close attention to the following:

Let the Unborn Mind Essence unfold itself on its own accord…

Do not entangle the Unborn Mind Essence in states of being nor non-being.

Do not entangle the Unborn Mind Essence in states of sensation nor non-sensation.

Do not entangle the Unborn Mind Essence in states of thought nor non-thought.

Do not entangle the Unborn Mind Essence in states of volition nor non-volition.

Do not entangle the Unborn Mind Essence in states of consciousness nor non-consciousness.

It is essential to realize that without this Unborn Mind Essence, there could not be a function and that without this function there could not be an Unborn Mind Essence.

Although apparently perceived or realized as two and separated, these two expressions, Unborn Mind Essence and function [in order to recollect this jewel], should not be understood as separated nor as non-separated.

The moment such a transformation or entanglement occurs by you, you obstruct the light of the Unborn Mind Essence and thus you choose to uphold the continuous rebirth and suffering amidst the goods and evils of samsara.

Know then that this old fool’s moving hands confirms the great function of this incomparable jewel and yet it is utter delusion to compare or equate these moving hands with the incomparable jewel.

The absolute reality of the Unborn Mind Essence is found and realized the moment delusion is anteceded; thus the deluded mind’s habitual tendency to transform the incomparable jewel into infinite good or bad dharmas.

Why, do you ask, is it that this Unborn Mind Essence can only be unveiled and its indestructible nirvana-element recollected [by a sincere adept who seeks liberation] only by anteceding any clinging whatsoever to its manifold function?

One who seeks the unveiling of this most luminous and originative unborn essence, which is the transforming source of all apparent dharmas, should understand that these dharmas are mere transient phenomena in themselves and thus devoid [sunyata] of this Essence, yet they are a powerful bewitching reflection in the eye of the deluded and desiring mind.

To live and abide in continuous mutual dependence towards these reflections, is to follow the Hua-Wei [the tail], thus entering innumerable rebirths in its vast labyrinth of samsara.
To antecede these reflections and thus focus on what cuts the very root of dependence and arising towards these reflections, is to realize the Hua-t’ou, pre-birth or the marvelous recollection of the Unborn Mind Essence, which is in a perfect state of regenerative actuosity.
It is here the gateless gate opens to the immortal and indestructible nirvana-element.

It is here one is said to enter the dark mysterious principle of the Unborn Mind Essence which confirms its Absolute reality beyond any worldly conceptual understanding.

By the tranquilization of the Mind one prepares the entrance of final liberation. For most, this tranquilization springs forth by practicing continuously the six great paramitas of the mind.

These six paramitas transcends life or death as Mind itself transcends the same.

By entering this dark and mysterious principle of the Unborn Mind Essence, one is free to recollect its unborn indestructible nature and perfect nirvana-element. One is said to have recollected perfect suchness and freedom from any kind of suffering that plagues the bewitched and worldly.

Therefore, I urge you all to not waste your measured time in this realm and age of darkness and bewitchment.

By making the great error of excessive entanglement of your minds and actions in that, which belongs to the sensory awareness and its cognitive interactive world, you create a body of suffering and impermanence.

Use the time you have here wisely.

Beware of heretics and bewitching imposters of the dharma.

For by their evil actions they condemn themselves and those they delude, to mind-realms of inconceivable suffering.

Remember to respect all struggling life and try, above all…

To liberate that most luminous and marvelous “bodhi-child” within you, which is not of this world nor belongs to this world….

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3 Responses to (7) Liberation

  1. adept says:


    Reading this text gave me a ‘high’ or ecstacy you could say.

    I felt something i usually experience in deep dhyana.

    what is that ? although i understand that we need not pay attention to sensations or non sensations. It is still part of developing intellect to reflect and uderstand the progress involved.

    Many thanks

    • Vajragoni says:

      Hello, Evan

      What you experienced is the initial stages of what we refer to as being struck with the “juice” of the Primordial Light. I would encourage you at this point in your spiritual journey to continue meditating with these Tozen teachings (videos) you have encountered under “The Dragon Mind of Zen Tarot”; also, look under the category “Tozen Teachings”. For further assistance you can reach Tozen at his school:

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