Choose Not…


The Way of the Unborn is not burdensome
Just let-go of partiality
Be neither positive nor negative
Stay illumined
If you are off by a hairsbreadth
Nirvana and samsara are infinitely divided

Remaining centered in the Unborn is our Natural Stateless State of Being. It all becomes burdensome when we self-impose conceptual limitations on THAT which is devoid of all conceptual constructs.

Making choices is the root of the problem. If the Mind becomes partial, then all hell will break loose. Trying to stay in a positive or to avoid being in a negative state of mind only produces distress and an inner-tug-of-war. Just avoid being neither/nor, neti-neti. If Mind just remains centered in its Luminous Actuosity, neither moving an inch in any direction, then such conceptual constructs as nirvana vs. samsara will cease their vexatious dichotomy.

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2 Responses to Choose Not…

  1. n. yeti says:

    नेति नेति (neti-neti) means neither rising to the bait nor not rising to the bait.

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