No Favoritism


If you want the Buddhamind to reveal ITself,
Don’t play any favorites.
Entrapped in the middle between agreeable and objectionable,
The result is a mind-disease.

Mind is sufficient unto Itself. Caught in the game of favoritism, one produces an unnecessary tension, becoming entrapped much like when Mañjuśri temporarily engaged dualism and found himself dwarfed by two iron mountains (ref to Huang-po’s allusion). This dwarfness is an apt image as Mind reduces Its Stature when engaging in the act of favoritism—finding one thing agreeable and the other distasteful. No, the Unborn Buddha Mind never engages in the act of pitting one-side against another. There is only one-side. And even this one-side is not “one” in the conventional sense, but rather recognition of Self-sufficiency with all things arising or descending on their own accord without any outside coercion. Anything less is a mind-disease, a mind in dis-ease with Itself.

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