The Deathless


Not knowing the Way of Deathlessness,
What use is there to quieten the mind.

The Bodhisattva develops the fine-art of Smṛti and thus turns-about from the Moving Principle by Recollecting the Animating Impetus that is at the Very Heart of Suchness. The Bodhi-minded one does not move an inch in samsara. He now employs only the Mantle of Deathlessness. If Smṛti should ever be lost, one loses the Deathless Principle, but whoever rightfully employs it will continue to have the Deathless as one’s constant companion. Trying to engage in any form of meditation technique without first employing Smṛti will never quieten the anxious mind that is still held spellbound by the bewitching influences of the raging vijñānas. By faithfully attuning oneself to it one will never be distracted again by the demon monkey-psyche. Once kissed by the Deathless Sound (Parato ghosa), there is no turning back for the Bodhisattva. She’s now come face to face with deathlessness and is perfumed with IT’s markless-mark. There is no longer any need to employ lesser vehicles to quieten the mind, for her own Bodhi-gnosis is now complete and unexcelled. Pure, unadulterated, Imageless Tathata; indeed, to paraphrase a familiar spiritual adage, “And I live, now not I, but the Deathless Unborn Spirit liveth in me.”

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