(15) The Dharmakaya


The fundamental power of the Unborn Mind; the very basis of your present creation, is dark and obscure.

By virtue of its preeminently simple and absolute nature, free of every limitation, beyond every limitation, instantaneous in terms of dynamic animation; it is also beyond every denial.

One cannot deny the ineffable once it emerges in its full splendor.

The process of denial is in itself a composing, or more correctly, a synthesizing process; a mere transubstantiation of that power the ineffable radiates; thus, even the skeptical-minded uses the power of this noble wisdom to create self-ignorance, which naturally results in further self-delusion, thereby giving rise to various defilements that hinder the recollection of the Unborn.

When one, by proper recollection, goes beyond the chains of the skandhas, getting a glimpse of the absolute or even spiritually allowing the Mind to abide firmly and fully in its originally undivided light, one steps firmly unto the uncreated ground of the Dharmakaya.

It is not strange that by this very definition it is called the blissful, the permanent, the deathless, the uncomposed or uncreated.

To know its true face is to know the true home of your spirit and to know the true face and home of your spirit is to know the true, undivided awareness power [bodhi] of your spirit.

A power that has no limitations but the ones limited by the composing parameters of your spirit.

Although the absolute reality of the Unborn Mind is simple, many choose to make it difficult.

When this happens, within the apparent seas of temporality, the suffering mind transubstantiates the ineffable into something that is self-empty of its original nature, in accordance with dependence upon the stored karmic memories, fears and desires in its alaya receptacle.

Know then that the primordial nature of the Unborn offers an absolute reality that fits all.

When this reality is properly recollected, without self-transubtstantiation, which is only possible when all strong impurities in the Mind are removed, the Unborn emerges un-impeded as the Dharmakaya.

When impeded by strong spiritual impurities, the recollection of the ineffable is disabled, thus impeding the Unborn to emerge as Samsara.

Thus the old saying; Dharmakaya is Samsara and Samsara is Dharmakaya.

Many misunderstand this, pointing at an object or array of objects that arises within their clouded skandhic consciousness, thereby exclaiming that once the Mind is calm and peaceful, this very world, is Dharmakaya.

But Dharmakaya does not change.

It does not wither.

It is not equal to form or emptiness.

It is not motion, nor stillness.

It is what it is, instantly at hand.

A heartbeat away…

And that is its beauty and compassion for those who are ready to turn around and reverse the focus of their awareness power.

Anyone seeking to recall this ultimate reality and true body of the living Buddha, the Unborn that transcends all compositions, should be very observant.

Things are not what they seem to be.

They are not worth your minds constant attention.

Simply allow your Mind to recall its true nature and all things will show themselves as they are and what they truly are.

The Unborn I speak of remains always the same, despite your own temporal desires of birth, life and death.

The Unborn never changes its primordial nature.

That is its beauty.

To see this beauty of undividedness, that which in itself is without form or emptiness, without motion or stillness, sound or no-sound, is to transcend the sea of samsara and discover the nirvanic reality of the Dharmakaya.

This reality is there within you.

It is the absoluteness and wisdom of all Buddhas.

It is not a way of accomplishment, nor a way of things, but rather an antecedent remembrance, before the interference of the artificial and skhandic-infested mind, that reveals the true, undivided and deathless face of the unborn.

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