Incessant talk and thought,
Keep you far and wide from the Unborn.

Severing insipid speech and circuitous ideations,
Absolves Mind from these obstacles that hinder Right Cogitation.

Few would doubt that we live in a world plagued with too much talk and not enough quiet-reflection. God-forbid if people just put-down their iphones for just one day in order to just hear and think alone and for themselves for even just an hour; for just a minute for Pete’s-sake! I’ve often wondered what it would be like if the whole-world would just keep silent and enter into a meditative mind for an extended amount of time. The Wisdom contained in these verses here today are indeed timeless, and perhaps more timely than ever before. We’re talking and obsessively over-thinking ourselves to death. It’s quite maddening really. Just turning on the ol’ Tube one is literally bombarded with a full-direct assault on the senses, or of what’s left of any good-sense. Even indulging in over-meditating oneself into the ground is no healthy solution either. It’s all about Balance. This goes for a well-balanced mind, body, and spirit. And as the Hopi Indian word, Koyannisqatsi, indicates, we are very much out of balance—out of wack with others, ourselves, and our environment at large.

It’s interesting when one looks back over the centuries, in times when a Materialistic-Spirit has completely run amok, there have been sane groups of people who decided they had had enough and divorced themselves from the insanity and created Monastic-Environments. It was from these monastic-communities that great strides occurred for the evolution of mankind; witness the great centers of education, and the wider development of self-sufficiency. Today in cyberspace, there are formations of such communities. It is our hope here at Unborn Mind Zen that we contribute in whatever small way to the growth of such cyber-spiritual advancements. Thanks to Tozen and our web-developer, we are in the process of expanding our library to include a panoply of titles one can’t find just anywhere—resources long abandoned or neglected that contain vast reservoirs of rich Buddhaic-Literature that will help to expediently employ the means for the advanced-cultivation of Mind and Spirit; a little oasis far from the maddening-atmosphere of this “obsessively-noisy” Dharma-ending Age. May you find a peaceful refuge here far and removed from the daily angst.

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