(21) AS IT IS


To get beyond thought patterns and
other forms of desires that are manifested
in the ever-changing canvas
of your body consciousness, requires power.

I speak of pure undivided awareness power.
This singular energy of your own true-self
cannot be found in this world nor in any other.

So where then is this mysterious power to be found,
in that your Mind does not keep playing
any more tricks to yourself?

There is much Zen in this, a form of Zen unknown to most,
even those whom are shaved and sitting like firm stone buddhas
day and night.

There is one thing to know this power
and a completely different thing to possess it, AS IT IS.

Because when you possess it AS IT IS,
and not as you desire it, you do not transform it
in accordance with the errors of your desires and
hence the wheel of suffering can finally be smashed
into pieces.

It is only when it is possessed as such,
complete release from all ignorance
and suffering is possible and not one
hairs breath or thought before.

To know it AS IT IS and possess it AS IT IS…

Takes decades for the best and many karmic existences for the lesser able…

Yet there are demons to be fought and conquered in
all of us.

Only with this power as your most trusted ally and friend
can they be removed.

Thus allowing the true
immortal jewel and body of your true nature
to break through as it has always been…


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