(22) The Monastic Mind

monastic mind

When the mind reaches a spiritual need and maturity to contemplate its true nature, it is most wise to first try entrance into the monastery of Mind Only, which is Unborn.

We call this entrance, the sangha of bodhisattvas. Entrance here is achieved the very moment the bodhi child is born and is a very auspicious moment for those with little sand in their eyes.

By reasons of disciplinary and virtuous shortcomings though, most need this monastic desire manifested through form, sensation, perception, mental formation, thus producing a “monastic” consciousness (state of mind) of sufficient artificial properties.

By such desire, Mind Only, in its infinite compassion and noble wisdom, manifests opportunity (temporality) and hence appearance of a monastery (spatiality) for such a mind .

Despite the illusion, there is still only a monastery of Mind Only which means that in reality, whatever the confused candidate might think or believe is still mind-contemplating mind, what appears between as a wall of desire and ignorance, can as easily be removed if such mind where to awake, to Mind Only.

In real Zen Buddhism (which is the dharma of Mind Only), as practiced and ordained by the shining ones, the only rule is to try abiding by the One law of the truth body.
e.g. Buddhadharma, or Tathagata.

Any other law, rule, discipline is merely a self-empty tool, there for the ignorant, undisciplined, divided, confused, lazy, scattered mind, that is in need of focus in order to discover the absolute reality of its truth body before the distorting veil of the karmic body.

Here the mind realizes that true life equals that which partakes in that which shines (Dharma) as Mind Only (Tathagata).

The wise student here learns thus, to find balance where others see obstacles, great spiritual joy and opportunity where others experience struggle and failure.

By such simple reasons alone the Dharma of Mind Only is known by the shining ones, as the Body of Nirvana which is the body of perfect freedom; and for those that need to look closer, the shining jewel hidden within a mountain of delusions.

Now, if you cannot understand or imagine what a body of perfect freedom would mean for you,

Then you have yet to experience the deepest pitfalls of true slavery, 

Ignorance and pain…

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