Let it Be


Prudence never returns once it departs,
And one falls into the waiting arms of perdition.
Just let it be,
For Essence neither abdicates nor abides.

Let your True Nature unfold of Its own accord,
Then the worrisome mind will disappear as your True-Self emerges.
If you allow the old mind to return,
Weariness and trepidation will mark you for sure.

Prudence is a faithful companion indeed; once one loses her one taunts-open the very gates of hell itself. If you just let-it-all be the Essential-Mind reigns Supreme. Buddha-nature bathes in Wu-hsin, spontaneously taking care of business. The worrywart never appears on the face of Deathless Suchness. If, however, the mask of the old man should suddenly make reappearance, then its frightful-frown will once again bear its loathsome-load.

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