(28) Thunder on a Drop of Rain


Every generation is doomed to fight its own ignorance; suffer the loss of the same old illusions and
learn the same old lessons on its own.

Ignorance can only be concealed, by a lie, and the lie can only be
maintained by ignorance. To lie to yourself or to others is to divide
the incoming light of the absolute into two or more, thus obstructing
thyself from the healing light of the one and undivided.

Thus, it is the duty, of a noble awakened one, not to be on the side
of such ignorance and the evil it brings.

…even if your karma were to enable you to make some gain that you
believe to be to your advantage.

The realization dawns that all evils take-on the myriad forms of existence
and non-existence.

It is the residual love of power, operating through deepest layers of greed and personal ambition, that is the sole cause of all evils in one’s past, present and future. This inevitably becomes a flat, black depression without highlights, revulsion of the mind and an exhaustion of the spirit.

And yet, there is a promise on the horizon that this self-empty chain of interdependent delusion
might soon be broken…

The Undivided Light and the cleansing power it brings needs to
be cultivated in close communion. It brings one the hope of the great

Where, there is no-where to go, no-thing to gain, nor any-thing to
ultimately hold on to, but this permanent body of truth; that is always ready.
One either identifies with it, purely as such,

Or, one rejects it as such, due to residual layers of blinding ignorance…

The decision rests with you…

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