(29) Sorrow


In samsara it is not possible for “some-thing” to meet “another-thing” without
final separation. What observes this encounter and separation is the very mind
creating and holding on to the feeling, of loss, due to the seductive process of

As long as there is absence of the undivided awareness power that ensures
awakening from the dream of life and death, we should never forget that in the
hardest of times we find the true measure of what the grace of the Dharma means
to the One within us, that knows no death. And if we find ourselves walking in
the valley of the dead, the Buddhadharma is the only light, powerful enough, to save us from
perpetuating our ignorance and errors.

One who has gone beyond life and death and faced the real deathless body of the
Unborn Mind, has but for a day and night entered into the sacred light of one’s own undivided spirit;

Remember, that one who has embraced the profound recollection of such noble wisdom and by such immeasurable virtue, holds no thing and no bond higher than one’s own true self, shall not taste sorrow…
nor death,
at the end of time…

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