(30) The Cosmic Battle


A great battle takes place within you, sometimes you become
painfully aware of this war and sometimes it seems so far away that you hardly notice it.
Yet, it is an ongoing war that takes place in a dry wasteland of
no true light.

On one side you find that Mara continuously seeks to keep dividing
your spirit, as to gain the creating power from your mind and live
on, as presumed gods and demons of good and evil.

On the other side, you find the dharma protectors who seek to unify
your mind and spirit as one body of no distinctions, thus allowing yourself
to heal and SEE what you truly are.

This battle against evil and ignorance within yourself is won the moment you find
yourself as what you are…

And certainly what you are not…

The complete war against this foe is won the moment this great devil of self-deception is completely destroyed, without any possibility of arising again.

This universe, the great battleground of the divided spirit that you imagine to inhabit, offers but a limited amount of chances of reasonable proper conditions for genuine awakening.

Unless there is no sincere turn away from its cycle of life and death, how
will you ever find peace?

Your own choices will determine the final outcome,

And if not now,


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