Absolute Faith


Enter into IT with full accord,
In this fashion, the twin Iron Mountains will not hem you in.
Simply saying, “Not-Two”, all things are resolved in the Unborn.
Everything is now perfectly accommodated.

The Shining Ones in all ten-directions,
Faithfully abide in this Principle.
This Absolute Faith transcends all time and space,
One flash is as ten-thousand years.

Being in-IT fulfills all other spiritual-disciplines. Being in-IT the twin-mountains of dualism have no more power or appeal. The magic-formula, “not-two”, is the signature of the Bodhi-Mind. In the Undivided Buddha Mind one finds complete accommodation. Nothing is lacking, nothing yearned-for ever again. The Shining Ones in all ten-directions point the way to the Fundamental Principle of the Dharmadhatu. Faithfully abiding in this Principle one is assured a tranquil mind beyond all measure, as all boundaries of time and space and dreams simply dissolve. Even a momentary flash of Self-Recognition is as ten-thousand years in the limitless and imageless Dharma-Realm of Perfect Suchness.  


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