(33) Faster than the Speed of Light


Today, many believe the Buddha is found in their brain
and not in the imageless and instantaneous noble wisdom
of complete self-recollection and self-gnosis, residing
unanimously and all-present in their hearts.

Because their hearts are closed, and their brains overactive,
through the constant bombardment of external and internal stimuli,
a spiritual myopia arises and triggers all kind of interdependent origination
which leads to the creation of all kind of poisons prohibiting access
into the great Kingdom of this Pure and Unborn Mind.

When you hold on to guilt, shame, anger, hate, unwholesome desires and fear
you forget what you truly are and in such forgetfulness [ of your true self],
symptoms of spiritual poisoning very soon appear upon your dearest creation,
which is your carnal body and its samsaric base of perception, the body consciousness.

Fear is the swiftest demon of all. Anger and hate leads nowhere but
into more deceiving hells than the present one. Pride offers nothing
in the end but tears of pain and greed can conjure forth no more
than shining castles of desire turning to dust in the merciless bosom
of time.

Recollection of your true nature as it is before all these poisons and worldly
appearances can cure many diseases within yourself and additionally, open a door
to a world far greater and far more satisfactory than this artificial existence
of constant uncertainty, error and distress.

The Buddhas offered and still offer a light greater than anything the
great deceiver can match, but it is your spirit that needs to decide
and your mind that needs to stretch out and enter a direct communion
with this nirvanic nature of the Unborn Buddha Mind, not the other way

In the end the deathless has no obligations to anything whatsoever,
only you have…

And that is to yourself…

And that which you should care for most.

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