(34) The Siren’s Call

The Siren

Obsessed with the body and all things that belong to the body, most beings in this world try to feed these specific needs of the false Lord in any way possible.

For these dark deeds of the spirit they unknowingly use the animative power of the Mind with the feeble limitations of their artificial minds.

Out of control and devoid of knowledge, they produce, through the apparent becoming-production of decaying things, brief moments of form and emptiness;

In such fashion, they believe the attainment of things to be a great virtue, great gifts placed as a worthy offering on the pain-filled altar of this false emperor.

The words, Effortless Balance, never seems to enter their minds. Rather, they consider obsession, regenerating repetition and rampant haunting through realms of demons, hungry ghosts, humans and devas, to be their eternal call. Drunk on the poisons of Mara and following the seductive music of dark sirens, they collide head-on against countless abysses of misery and suffering just to embrace another day and another life.

Another breath…

Those who train their carnal bodies and artificial minds spend years sculpturing various parts of them into seeming perfection, all for the purpose of catching a couple of brief decades within this blooming mirage they call the beauty of body and mind. Soon they will see and experience their work slowly decaying and rotting away in small oceans of dead cells and lost memories.

Had they but studied the true nature of the Mind they could have used the very same power in ways prolonging the life span, and even increasing the coveted span of youthful energy before the inevitable end.

A good mind uses the time available fully until the day of release and ascension to its rightful body and reality.

A good mind knowing self as such, knows Mind as such and thus gradually unbecomes, that which divides by its return into the light of this true self. By such divine ascension It breaches the three times of samsara by this possession of the truth.

To such a pure spirit nothing is impossible but is always open to a divine, free will, guided by right knowledge and not petty desires and impulses by an imprisoned and misguided will.

Thus, one can behold the most supreme body, the immaculate jewel of the imageless:

The shining crown of the Tatahgata that no devil can ever remove;

The Awesome One Mind of noble wisdom and no-thing else.

In who’s auspicious presence,

The sirens

Will sing no more…

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4 Responses to (34) The Siren’s Call

  1. Methexis says:

    Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1)

    • Vajragoni says:

      Sad, sad story about a bright young man who used to fill even the Reddit forums with magnificent insights into the Buddhadharma; indeed, a few years back he was such a promising adept that there are those who believed in his dharma-talent; for sure this was to be a bright new star faithfully growing in the same spirit as Siddhartha. But then, soon, all too soon, something dark and horrible came upon him—he sang of the Buddha no more but became a “Sybil of the Month” freak, spewing forth alien rhetoric of all kind and fashions—literally spitting in the face of all the Noble Truths of the Buddha. Indeed, he’s not a promising star anymore but a cheap parlor trick vomiting any kind of rubbish that enters his head at a given moment. Will there be no end to this frightful merry-go-round of a lost spirit?

  2. Methexis says:

    Marty, my dear friend!

    I must say I am saddened by your post. With it, you really proved without any doubt that you are a Tozen-fanatic.

    I hope you are 100% sure in this life that this is the right path for you. If you are not, you are always welcome to contact me.

  3. Methexis says:

    Read my last E-mail to you. God’s chances for mercy are over. You are done. If you don’t accept this one, you will have to live with misery for eternity. Enjoy your Greek Orthodox Christian faux Buddhist forever. If you change your mind, contact me. Otherwise, don’t bother.

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