(37) Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega

Oh how wonderful
how indescribable,

It is there…

It has always been there!

All one had to do was
to surrender completely…

To lay down every sense of pride…

Every wish to live or die….

Now peace, is finally here.

No more fears, no more sorrows

As the journey finally
reaches its end…

All this pain and all those
brief lustful moments are
but long forgotten dreams.

Foolish indeed,
To ever doubt
this eternal Source

Which in its
spaceless singularity

Radiates the power
of Illuminating countless, chimeric worlds and thus countless dreams.

How can one
but not bid farewell…

To all these invidious bodies

These supercilious
mortal bags of rags

Created in moments
of ignorance and fear.

Oh, what a panoply, of smiles
the gods must wear tonight.

All is joy and all is complete

With this great awakening

In brilliant, recollective light

The circle is finally completed

With this marvelous,


Unborn Mind

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