(38) Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time you were this tiny child

With a big smile and a radiant heart

Death, was unknown and never a painful thought

Happiness, was unknown and never even sought.

In all your glory, you and nothing else

Was Shining through

That tiny body of yours

And still while everything had its natural cause

There never were any worries, hate or love…

Only instant movements and expressions

Of an immortal spirit

Simply being itself in every moment

Of this seemingly timeless time.

Now, look at you.

You stand there

While Misery or joy invades your mind

Like a violent sea

And Life itself seems to run away.

Why does that mirror on the wall reflect

What you want or do not want to see?

Why does the world spin round and round?

Out of your control?

But sometimes, in but a brief moment of luck,

You recall that original you

Which once

Shook and danced your tiny body

In that ancient lost crib.

That is why you are here, my friend…

Hoping to find that most precious lost jewel


Once upon a time….

Was that tiny…



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