(42) The Zen Mind

zen mind

Without a pure heart there can never be a pure Mind. And without a pure Mind there can never be an entrance into the permanent principle of all Buddhas.

The Mind of Zen is the candle that lights your way in darkness. Where love to your next thought may seem as something desirable in a world of distress, the Mind of Zen is the light that enables an elevated emancipation of self beyond the conditions of the worldly.

The spirit of Zen is initially, that entrapped will that longs solely to find and merge with the Mind of Zen…

Thus no longer living in darkness…

To understand the Mind of Zen is to fully understand beyond any shred of a doubt that, all things and all actions are born in the auspicious light of unimpeded freedom; and that all things and all distress ends in the mind of attachment to the lower which inverts truth into a light of uncertainty and deception.

Is it possible to love with the Mind of Zen?

Of course, that is, if you know what exactly it is you love. On this point most today fall prey for what is revealed by perception rather than insight of the intriguing nature of what is the actual presence of spirit.

The eye consciousness may seek to love what appears as form, but inevitably there is only lasting enjoyment in joined elevation of spirit.

What is present before you as object of your love is not form but spirit in a state of continuous superficial flux (change of conditions).

To seek the superficial is to seek distress in one way or another.
To seek pure spirit is to seek truth. The only thing that can validate the true face of spirit is the pure Mind. The impure Mind reveals only a body of lies, deceptions and desired illusions.

Perfect freedom, is that deathless power and light that creates a divine flow of effortlessness in the mind, as to help it avoid not becoming the worst version of itself but the best one.

It brings life to the lifeless with every breath of the desired and in ways unknown to man; it brings an end to the breathing by severing the bond between its eternal grace and the animated image of desire.

In the beginning of the path, when the great stream of all the Buddha’s Noble Wisdom pours forth, a small but celestial taste of nirvana is at hand.

Thus a genuine taste of freedom can be said to be found solely in that pure and compassionate power which brings out the best of oneself even in the worst of times.

For where most block their hearts and minds, thus allowing the mind to become a beast of burden at times of apparent crisis, the one having faith in what is free and giving that, which is free, will receive more as to save and guide the suffering [spirit] towards the other shore.

To find, to know and to use this power properly, is to know oneself as what one truly is. When this greatest of deeds takes place one can be said to fulfill the Mind of Zen beyond the impermanent and ever-changing torrents

Of birth, life, and death…

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