A Lay-Out from the Dragon Mind of Zen Tarot Card Set


A Photo of the Dragon Mind of Zen Tarot shows how these can be made and completed as laminated sets. The actual cards look better than the pic (don’t have the best camera) and are great for daily meditation. The two Black Dragon-Eye Mandala cards portrayed are what appear on the back-side of all the cards. This is a nice arrangement in that once your meditation on the card is complete, the card can then be turned-over and you can engage in Pi-Kuan with the Black Dragon-Eye Mandala. It’s a powerful effect actually holding the mandala in your hand.

As stated in the first post from this series the cards are meant exclusively for personal use and are not sold for commercial-purposes. Hope you have enjoyed this series.

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2 Responses to A Lay-Out from the Dragon Mind of Zen Tarot Card Set

  1. scott says:

    Hi Vajragoni

    What an amazing lesson! Fascinating and profound. Would you ever consider publishing this set along with a short instructional booklet? I know I’d want a set for personal meditation. I’m certain others would find having a proper set beneficial also.

    Just thinking.

    Kindest heart wishes


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