Introduction: Notes from the Iron Stupa


Introduction: Notes from the Iron Stupa

Hello all. Blogging resumes again here at Unborn Mind Zen. Last year at this time work began presenting The Tathatagarbhatara Tantra, a work that essentially was an exercise in Mahayoga wherein the aspiring mind adept witnessed the Tantric Consecration of the Nirvanic Element that is the Real Dharma-Realm implanted as a Seven-fold Supra-Mandala within one’s inmost self. Prior to this (2012) a vast work on Atiyoga, The Lankavatarian Book of the Dead, became the vehicle in which the “Bardo” experience was examined through the singular lens of the Ten Advanced Stages of Mind Development. The present developing work, Notes from the Iron Stupa, is primarily an exercise in Anuyoga; whereas the Tathatagarbhatara Tantra would be considered as a Father Tantra, this present work’s formulation is that of a Mother Tantra—as the conduit of Primordial Wisdom is generated through the Skillful Means of actualizing the Vajra-Body. Anuyoga is spiritual-surgery wherein the Yogin’s chakra-channels, through the mystic-wind-breath of Bodhicitta, are set into vibratory-patterns awakening hidden deity-power that is the flowering of the sambhogakaya, the culmination of which results in the Five Yogas and Empowerments of the Dhyani Buddhas and their Consorts. Thus, whenever yogins meditate and the Tathatic-deities have been invoked, the soil of the inner-mind and spirit has been impregnated by the power of concentrated bodhicitta; therein the Element of Truth can be discerned and experienced in sambhokayic-fashion. In yogic-terms this is known as the stabilization of the Samadhi of the Completion Stage.

The process of stabilization is activated through the actualization of the dhātugarbha, which in the present instance is the Container of Elements constituting the Vajra-World. This will be manifested in an Iron Stupa which is non-other than the Great Stupa—the adamantine receptacle of the Dharmakaya THAT is identical to the Mind of all Buddhas and Maha-Bodhisattvas of the three times and the ten directions. Thus the Iron Stupa IS the Buddha-Stupa in the Mind. Another way of expressing this is that a stupa “forms the receptacle of the Enlightened Buddha-Mind”. Ergo, condensed into a singular vehicle, the stupa is representative of the dharmakaya exhibiting the Supreme Nature of the Bodhi-Mind.

Bracketing this endeavor will be a narrative that will periodically accompany the core-structure of Notes from an Iron Stupa, fundamentally circumambulating about the esoteric context. The action revolves around a 1938 Nazi-backed expedition into the wilds of Tibet that culminated in a discovery of an “Iron-Man Buddha”, whose elements purportedly are extraterrestrial in origin.


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