The Quest


Nearby Hitler’s bunker in late April of 1945, the advancing Russians were weaving their way through battered Berlin when they discovered in the deep cellar of an abandoned building six dead Tibetans lying together in a form of ritual circle; at the center of the circle was a Tibetan monk wearing green gloves…

Between the months of April 1938 and August 1939, the Nazi SS biologist-zoologist Ernst Schäfer was appointed by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler to lead an expedition to Tibet in order to trace the purported roots of the Aryan Race. Accompanying Schäfer was Dr. Bruno Beger, an anthropologist who was to be later notoriously connected with a collection of 115 human skeletons (selected from Jewish and Polish prisoners) at Auschwitz that was to be prominently displayed in a Nazi anthropological museum. Both felt comfortable with their Bonpo hosts who were to lead them into a vast journey filled with mystical import:


The Bonpos equally felt at home with them since they shared a strikingly similar symbol:


Although the Bön symbol’s (sauvastika) arms are pointing in a counter-clockwise formation vs. the Nazi swastika in whose context the arms are pointing clockwise; the former is employed in exclusive esoteric tantric practice whereas the latter signifies aggressive action. As they traversed deep into the Yarlung River Valley in Western Tibet, they came upon a series of high mountain ranges whose rugged rocky-peaks resembled the sharp-pointed edges of peculiar Magical-Mystical weapons the Bonpos referred to as Phurbas


One member of the expedition, a middle-aged Tibetan monk-yogin with advanced and exceptional Siddhis, led them all to the entrance of a dark cave that had suddenly materialized before them in a lonely crevice at the bottom of one of the phurba-peaks. As if on cue a singular ray of light fell upon a slight trajectory leading to a small cylindrical chamber that slowly opened from the right side of the cave, revealing a rectangular shape bearing two scorpions consuming a sentient being…


The Bonpos in the group recognized this as a sacred talisman that bore a protective seal, whose purpose is to seize and destroy all evil, thus barring anyone from venturing any further within the recesses of the cave. The Nazi’s wouldn’t have any of it, however, and beckoned everyone to proceed further into the deep cavity that opened like a dark womb before them. Peering into the darkness with only the aid of a few fluorescent lamps, they inched ever-forward what seemed like an eternity before arriving into what appeared to be a kind of ceremonial-ritual chamber, with a circular altar sitting dead-center upon which rested a majestic semi-jeweled manuscript. The Bonpos immediately prostrated themselves before this article and reverently offered homage. Intrigued, Ernst Schäfer and Dr.Bruno Beger proceeded to the altar and slowly pulled-back the article’s jeweled-crusted cover and feasted their eyes on its content…some form of sacred teachings written down on gold paper and with lapis lazuli ink…

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