Ratnasambhava—the Magician of the Foundation


The two Nazis attempted to decipher the ancient text’s opening mantra: 


{*Mantra of the Five-Elemental-Buddhas} 

As they mumbled through the mantra phonetically, the Bonpos immediately recognized its significance and began to openly chant the mantra with deeply-rich and resonant guttural sounds…suddenly in the air before them there began to materialize the following mandala**:


**This mandala is based-on and utilizes part of the Black Dragon-Eye Mandala (See posts and numerous references to this via the search box at top of the page). What is essentially nuanced here is the inner-core of the mandala which is representative of the Five Dhyani Buddhas:

(Ratnasambhava/Yellow; Akshobhya/Blue; Amitabha/Red; Amoghasiddhi/Green; Vairochana/White Dot)

In meditating upon this particular mandala, one will eventually notice that the inner-spirals begin to transform into ratna-shaped objects, as if representing the Diamond-like Essence that constitute the Supreme Buddhas of Meditation. From these the yogin/mind adept has a choice to enter (in manomayakayic-fashion) any one of the Dhyani-Buddha-fields by focusing on the larger colored patterns that circumambulate on all sides of the inner-ratnas. Over time the yogin/mind adept becomes better familiarized with the energies that the Dhyani-Buddhas transmit. In a very real sense [as will be portrayed throughout this blog series] awakening these energies inside their own manomayakaya-bodies (which in turn will channel through the adepts own inner-chakra system, thus stimulating their entire Body/Spirit morphology).   

The Mandala’s inner-most circle began to rotate with the colors forming a collage-like cone which soon coalesced into a vibrant yellow-shape of a dragon-horse carrying on its back the Law of the Buddhadharma.

The dragon-like horse is representative of the horses that mystically uphold Ratnasambhava’s celestial throne:


Like Pegasus this symbol represents total-liberation in upholding the spiritual impetus of the Buddhadharma—indeed, celebrating the “great-wealth” of the Triratna Itself THAT beckons us to our own Spiritual-Ascension of Equanimity in the Unborn. 

As the dragon horse began to settle to the ground, its shape metamorphosed into a beautiful Buddha-Goddess:


This is the Female-Buddha, Lochana. She is the consort of the Dhyani-Buddha Ratnasambhava. As we will discern throughout the course of these sessions, the “consorts” of these Dhyani Buddhas are in truth not separate-entities, but rather their Yin Aspect. This is a salient-realization. Within one’s inmost substrata of spiritual identity, there is no separate male/female dichotomy but rather attunement to an androgynous-nature. I remember in my retreat years-ago for the diaconate (status before priesthood) spending time with monks from the Trappist Order in upstate NY at the Abbey of the Genesee. One of the monks—a big burly man—stated how after many years he finally had been able to bring “his-inner female out.” This episode can serve as a little pointer to the type of spiritual-exercises we will be exploring throughout this series. In this Anuyogic Enterprize we will become very much in-tune with these feminine energies that will bring us “up-close” and intimate with the infusion of the sambhokayic-amniotic-embrace of the Dhyani Buddhas themselves.

At the top of Lochana’s crown rests an image of Ratnasambhava—signifying their sambokayic-union; they share the same Enlightened Consciousness and undivided-spirit of Bodhi. Like Ratnasambhava, her right hand is in the varada-mudra position that is always indicative of Unequivocal Acceptance and Compassion; she’s also bearing Ratnasambhava’s wish-fulfilling gem.  Her left hand is in the form of a protective mudra, her raised fingers symbolizing the three jewels whilst her thumb upholds the Lotus that bears the vajra-bell of Wisdom. Yes, all of these spiritual-consorts bear divine-protection.

All present were awestruck by the arrival of this divine agency. Ernst Schäfer reached-out in an attempt to make direct contact, but Lochana simply raised her left hand in abeyance, at the same time revealing the hidden principles of the Ratna Magician…  

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