Akshobhya’s Vajra Empowerment


When yogins meditate and the Tathatic-deities have been invoked; when the soil of the inner-mind and spirit has been impregnated by the power of bodhi, therein the Element of Truth can be found…

The inner-heat generated from the encompassing vortex of water turned Schäfer into a Crystalline Vajra-Body. Mamaki formed a Vajra-Mudra and intoned the following:


“Homage to all Vajras! Wondrous ones who arise from the sphere of all Tathagatas, now Bind, Crush! Empower this adamantine armor to remain free and unhindered from all impurities of mind and spirit.” 

Somehow from the depths of his being Schäfer himself began to intone: 

O, I am made of the adamantine essence of the body of all the Tathāgatas; AH, I am made of the adamantine essence of the word of all the Tathāgatas; HUM, I am made of the adamantine essence of the spirit of all the Tathāgatas.” 

From that moment on his spirit was freed from his previous Nazi-initiation. The former swastika that had suppressed his mind and spirit was transmuted into the noble sauvastika forming in his heart (Self-Chakra). He envisioned himself expanding into the very vastness of the universe itself. Then, in reverse fashion, he was reduced to the size of a tiny seed. 

With that, he returned to normal size again as Blessed Mamaki raised his Vajra-Body frame and thrust it downward into the very core of the earth. Thus was he purified from Mara’s minions and any future assaults from the evil one. 

The Vajra-Body, like the vajra itself, is invincible and irresistible. Anuyoga focuses on actualizing this Adamantine Body of the Tathagatas.  Like the diamond it is irresistible and invincible and impervious to any inner or outer material or spiritual assaults that attempt to damage it. Our character, Ernst Schäfer, has undergone Akshobhya’s Vajra Empowerment. The Sacred Vajra stands for the power of illumination. This empowerment creates most penetrating insights that can dynamically breakthrough any form of avidya, or ignorance. Hence, in the narrative, Schäfer’s spirit becomes immune to his former Nazi orientations. He has become attuned to his inner-Vajra-being that is part and parcel of Buddha-nature Itself.

Mamaki plays a vital role in this empowerment and transformation as she makes the sign of the Vajra-Mudra and invokes the agency of Tathagata-power. Like a Vajra-Master, she totally permeates the very internal structure of the yogin and touches him with what is known as abhisheka or empowerment. This is a Sanskrit word that essentially means “anointment.” Our character has been initiated into the vajra-family and is attuned with profound bodhi-power and thus generates and takes total refuge in the Bodhi-Mind.  In such fashion he has been reborn via a baptism of the Tathatic-Spirit; he now rests free and unhindered in the Unborn. We witnessed how he has developed profound siddhis with the ability to change his size and stature. What this entails is that the yidam, or sacred powers of the deity now reside in him—it was THIS Tathatic-Spirit that was channeled and spoke through him in that intonation that signaled his rebirth and empowerment as a bodhi-being. The action of his vajra-body being thrust downward into the very core of the earth is an indication that the empowerment has been sealed. Now, like Shakyamuni-Buddha, the yogin is delivered and kept eternally-safe from all the powers of the evil one.

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