Flight of the Phoenix


The Tibetan monk-yogin who had led the group to the cave was in actuality a Bön wizard known as a ngagspa. But he was a Black Ngagspa, formed in the Dark and Forbidden Arts, and his intent upon this Nazi-financed expedition was to seek-out the Vril-ya—descendents of a purported antediluvian civilization who lived in deep subterranean caverns in the heart of Tibet—and obtain from them the all-powerful “Vril”, a mystically-charged fluid that could be shaped and harnessed to do the will of the one who controlled it. He was also a master in the art of creating manifested thought-forms known as Tulpas—he could literally fashion mind-created shapes or even a doppelganger—the exact likeness and image of any being. Being introduced to Adolf Hitler in the early 1920’s, the ngagspa taught him how to create an egregore—a collective form of tulpa that was able to fashion group-mind control, something that Hitler put to good use in forming the Nazi party and later extending and exerting its force in mesmerizing the general German populace. Sure enough, a whole nation was soon enraptured with the spell of Hitler’s Mein Kamp, which was an egregore in written-form. During the 1930’s this Black Magician also drew close to Himmler and the SS and was thereby appointed to join the present expedition in great expectations of locating and bringing back to Nazi Germany the Vril. 

When Schäfer went into trance and was undergoing his Tantric transformations, the Dark Wizard intuitively knew what was occurring and proceeded to disrupt and destroy the ongoing initiations. By simply closing his eyes he created a tulpa of the Fire-God, Agni, whose manifestation sent the rest of the group scurrying away into dark cavities within the cave…


At first, Schäfer’s entranced form began to shake uncontrollably with terrible convulsions, but soon the Dark Wizard’s delighted countenance itself turned to sheer terror when his evil manifestation of the false-image of Agni began to metamorphose into the fiery shape of a woman whose power clearly outmatched the nefarious ngagspa:


The fiery apparition then hovered directly over Schäfer’s emaciated frame and extended gentle mudras of healing; soon Schäfer rolled-over and witnessed this salvific-shape transform into another resplendent Buddha-Goddess:


This is an introduction to the Female Buddha Pandaravasini, who is the consort of Dhyani-Buddha Amitabha. She represents the Element Fire as together Amitabha and Pandaravasini manifest Fire and Discriminating-Wisdom. Her color and aura is Rose-Red as she cradles a pink Lotus—that symbolizes great spiritual unfoldment. Hence she, like Amitabha, are members of the Padma, or Lotus Family. Below her all-encompassing Lotus-Bud is a Skull-Bowl, exemplifying an element of wondrous alchemical-transfiguration.  At her side is the flaming-phoenix that embodies fire and spiritual transformation; this mystical-bird always arises again and again from its own self-cremation—it is the epitome of Spiritual-Renewal and Rejuvenation that, without fail, rises from the ashes of samsara.

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