The Yoga of Amitabha


1.0 Amitabha is the Matrix of the Blessed Lotus

The Padma (Lotus) Family houses the Sacred Jewel (Bodhi-Pearl) of Transcendent Wisdom.

1.1 Its mantra is OM MANI PADME HUM

Praise to the Mani-Pearl in the Lotus. The closing “HUM” is a mystical expression that expels all evil. It’s a kind of “Mystic-War Cry” that stops the enemy (all adversarial entities and propensities) dead in their tracks.

2.0 The Padma-field is like a shield of Wisdom that transforms the yogin’s perception into Spiritual Discernment

All that the yogin perceives is filtered through the shield of Discriminative Wisdom, thus empowering one to carefully discern all manner of passing phenomena in the Light of the Unborn.

2.1 The Padma-field is the Infinite Light that shines in the Mind of the Tathagatas

2.2 When within the Padma-field, the Light-Adept (yogin/yogini) has the transcendent sense of being immersed in jasmine-tea

3.0 The Protective Deities of the Padma Family (e.g., Vajra Yogini) defend against all Mind-disruptions from the lower realms

These wrathful-guardians are not separate from the yogin’s own bodhi-field, but are fully representative of the fundamental-nature of the Unborn; they release primordial-energy signatures that naturally-repel all adverse influences from the lower-bhumis.

3.1 Envision your protective-deity arising from “every-pore” of your being

This is a powerful-meditation. It’s like the deity is arising in every cell throughout your body.

4.0 The Internal Homa-Ritual is the means of invoking the Heart of the Inner-Lotus.

This utilizes the Element of Fire as the Padmic-vehicle in which to initiate the properties of this visualization.

4.1 Firstly, the yogin erects an inner-altar

This is the ACTION of creating Sacred-Space.

4.2 Natha is the catabolic-principle that ignites the fuel of this inner-invocation

Natha is like a protective angel of fire; the following video best depicts the nature of spiritually raising this principle:

4.3 Firstly one visualizes Natha as a triangular being of fire

4.4 The yogin then becomes the Element, rising like incense going straight into the heart of this triangular-being—which is the Inner-Lotus

4.5 The Yogin then “Seals” the sacred action by invoking three times the mantra of Amitabha—OM AMITABHA HRIH

Indeed, this honors the Dhyani Buddha in whose Buddha-field this action has occurred.

4.6 The Dharmasota (Throat) Charka is where Amitabha’s Seed Syllable, HRIH, is invoked

5.0 Abstention consists in observing the Spirit of Ascesis, wherein proper dharma-study assures that the Spirit of Recollection arises from the Heart of the Lotus

Another way of stating this is that the Spirit of Ascesis=the Spirit of Recollection; it is in this fashion that the heart of the Lotus expands. Without proper dharma-nourishment the lotus will wither away.

6.0 Amitabha’s Sacred Mudra is the Dhyani, or Meditation Mudra


7.0 Pandaravasini’s Passion is the Lighted-Fire of Discriminative Wisdom

7.1 Her mantra is RAM TSANG TANG NE RAM DU

8.0 The Phoenix is the Padmic-Bird that rises again and again from the ash-heap of Samsara

It is symbolic of how the yogin, too, needs to ignite the fire of self-cremation in order for the Authentic Self to soar high and free on the Wings of the Unborn.

9.0 Drink daily from Pandaravasini’s Skull-Bowl

The alchemic-transfiguration from samsaric-misery to nirvanic-bliss.

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