Amoghasiddhi’s Phurpa Empowerment


Schäfer watched nearby as the entrapped tulpa- doppelganger began to shrink-down to the size of a pinpoint which then disappeared directly into Tara verte’s Urna as she re-materialized before his mind.  


Urna: the all-seeing third eye point that appears on all enlightened beings.

In order to protect him from all future assaults of the evil one, Tara verte bestowed upon Schäfer the following mantric-empowerment:


Beloved, as you grow-strong in this empowerment, the yidam-deity Vajrakilaya will seal in your inmost-Self the Samadhi of Fearlessness; you will be empowered to accomplish whatever good-work  you set out to do without fear of any obstruction; you will become a member of the Karma-family thus severing any inherited dispositions that stem from envy and jealousy.

Center your mind with one-pointed attentiveness on the HUM Syllable:


Now visualize yourself as Vajrakilaya whilst continuing your focus on the Sacred HUM.  As you intone the HUM it begins to radiate Light in your heart-center (Self-Chakra). Suddenly in the sky in front of you there appears another Vajrakilaya with a burning-HUM above his forehead; he radiates a vibrant five-colored (White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green) rainbow Wisdom-Light back to you. Now, this self-same light appears on your third-eye (Dragon Eye of Tathata Chakra), speech (Dharmasota Chakra), and heart (Self-Chakra) centers. In this fashion you are now burning with the blessings of the Five Wisdoms. To seal the empowerment you visualize the Vajrakilaya in front of you fully dissolving into your Mind, Throat and Heart whilst simultaneously chanting OM-AH-HUM.

Vajrakilaya means the indestructible phurpa, the impregnable phurpa, the phurpa that is the embodiment and strength of Noble Self-Realization ITself. Amoghasiddhi’s Phurpa Empowerment comes with the added benefit of being safe-guarded by a most powerful Yidam-Deity, Vajrakilaya, who as mentioned in the previous segment is the wrathful form of Amoghasiddhi (as depicted in today’s accompanying image, shown with Amoghasiddhi at the top). As Blessed Tara verte indicated, this also entails becoming a member of Amoghasiddhi’s Karma-family, which empowers one to transmute the volatile skandha of volition—one that otherwise keeps mind imprisoned to karmic-predispositions, in particular the twin-poisons of envy and jealousy. Directly associated with this empowerment is the Mystic-Syllable HUM, which traditionally has been the means of receiving the invigorating-Juice of the Five-Dhyani Buddha’s combined.

The following video is a further empowering meditation. It’s interesting to note that the image of the accompanying guru is known as Karma-Norbu—a profoundly gifted Mahasiddha; with continued viewing one can discern (in the early segment with the close-up and the passing mist) faces of his previous/present incarnations simultaneously metamorphosing on the screen in front of you.

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