Vairocana—the Matrix of the Buddha Sun


Having failed in his attempt with the tulpa-doppelganger, the Black Ngagspa made astral contact with his evil Lord of Agarthi. Standing before him wearing a dark green robe and his hands clothed with luminous-green-gloves, the evil Lord had been watching events unfold through his own ‘Mirror of Darkness’. Clearly displeased with his neophyte, he took control of the situation and in an instant, the Black Ngagspa watched as a pair of green-gloves—similar to the ones his Lord was wearing—materialized with their eerie green-glow on his own hands. The Lord of Agarthi warned him to take care, for the gloves were poisonous and just one touch would prove to be fatal. The gloves’ substance was made from the paste of an aconite plant—known as monkshood—and with the slightest contact toxins from the plant, absorbed through the skin, would result in instant death. This was to be the means of deciding Schäfer’s fate.

Agarthi is a mythic-underground city, purportedly located deep within the perimeters of the Himalayas. The mythos surrounding this mysterious abode also entails its inhabitants—monks/adepts purportedly known as the Occult Society of Green Men. Its foremost adept was known as the Monk with the Green Gloves; he was renowned for his siddhis—such as clairvoyance—and it was through these powers that he also mastered the gift of prophecy. It is claimed that Hitler, too, had audiences with him. The Initiates of Agarthi were highly proficient in astral projection, and the Society’s members were in perpetual astral-communication with each other for hundreds of years; it was only after the Chinese Invasion of Tibet in 1949 that their nefarious organization met its demise. Yet, perhaps certain “remnants” of Agarthi still exist in some dark dimension to this very day. The antagonist in our little allegory, the Black Ngagspa, is a member of both this group and the Society of Thule as well. Indeed, both Occult groups were purportedly linked during the Nazi-years.

Meanwhile, Schäfer was still contemplating his Mind-journey through the Iron Stupa; having thus ascended through many levels, all that remained was the Stupa’s Apex and the structure built at its summit—the Harmikā.   

Again, from Adrian Snodgrass’, Symbolism of the Stupa:






From a singular-point within his Mind’s Eye, Schäfer was able (due to his own newly developed Siddhis) to take form within the Harmikā. He was fully empowered now to intuitively know that this was also the bodhimanda of the Stupa—that sacred location wherein the Buddha was enlightened, beneath that beloved Bodhi-Tree. It was here within the bodhimanda that further revelations would be revealed, at the very heart of the Illuminative Buddha-Sun—the Blessed dominion of Mahavairocana Buddha.

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