The Yoga of Vairocana


1.0 Vairocana is the Matrix of the Buddha Sun

Vairocana represents the Buddha family that houses the great light of the Buddha Sun—Mahavairocana—known among Lankavatarians as the Noble KA

1.1 KA is the reflection of Mahavairocana in the Primordial Ocean of the Mind’s Eye 

2.0 To know one’s Mind without the aid of perceptional imagery is to know the Mind AS IT really IS—the unobstructed Dharmakaya 

2.1 The Dharmakayic-Body of Mahavairocana Tathagata is a five-folded awareness, comprising all the attributes of the Five Dhyani Buddhas 

3.0 Bodhicitta is the Dharmakayic Element within man 

4.0 Mahavairocana is the Great Mystic-Teacher of the Dharmachakra 

He thus sets the Wheel of the Buddhadharma in motion; in this sense he is the Premier Promoter of the Spirituality of the Unborn.


5.0 Vairocana’s Mudra is the Dharmachakra Mudra


6.0 Vairocana’s Seed-Syllable is the Primordial Sound—OM


6.1 OM is the quintessential seed-syllable of the Cosmos—the definitive sound of boundless-space 

6.2 OM represents the all-encompassing Amala-consciousness of the Tathagatas   

7.0 The Black Dragon-Eye Mandala (A tool of the Buddha-family) becomes the nimitta in the Mind’s Eye; in this sense it is the Primordial-Eye of Dharmakaya Buddha


Nimitta=a particularized focal-point, or a “brilliant light” that becomes the singularity (to the exclusion of all other phenomena) within the Mind’s Eye.

7.1 In light of this Unborn Mind Zen is extraordinary because it is expounded by Dharmakaya Buddha 

8.0 The Luminous Light of Vairocana-Buddha is the foundation of the Dharmadhatu 

9.0 The Wisdom of Absolute Truth is embodied in Blessed White Tara 

9.1 Her mantra (in Light of her designation as the Divine Mother of Infinite Space) is A MU YE A KAR A NI A

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