White Lotus on blue water


There is no-thing in the Unborn Mind, but its own pure light.

Though this truth shines freely with its own auspicious luminosity, there for anyone to see, vast amounts of defilements hinders the everyday worldling from perceiving this truth as self-verifiable.

Only the noble mind, that has penetrated the thin crust of the five skandhas in one firm transcendence of mind to Mind, exemplifies thus the immensity of a focused spiritual power, one needed as such by its user, as to disperse the clouds of ignorance and want of anything becomed – and from this supra-positional point of no form. or emptiness, directly look into what is its own brilliant true nature.

There is not one single sentient being, that doesn´t depend on this light, whether it comes in creating a single thought, emotion, memory or a myriad appearances of motion or stillness.

This is a mystery of mysteries, Its innermost truth even hidden to the gods themselves, as they slowly drown in the heavens of complacency and creational discomfort that comes as a karmic residue from that divided power which creates worlds and even universes.

It is one of incomprehensible depth, and way too hard for most to penetrate, recall and accept. For this reason alone, countless bodhisattvas work tirelessly, with this suprapositional light as their most trusted ally, as spiritual emissaries between the supra-mundane and mundane; as to show its singular ability to ascend the mind of the sentient being above its dark cloud of birth and death, and into the absolute reality of its true Mind´s noble wisdom that is never born or created, and hence, one not ever subject to decay and death.

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5 Responses to White Lotus on blue water

  1. Mahasidhra says:

    Tozen’s text has the unique capacity to circumvent the concept-creating consciousness and address that “sleeping bodhi-child” directly. It is text that is more than just text. It’s always tirelessly aimed at making us remember that spiritual light, with laser-like focus. I am grateful to have been able to meet this Dharma-teaching in this life.

  2. Mahasidhra says:

    (The text points directly to the Light that the body-mind complex experiences as pure bliss…)

  3. Vajragoni says:

    Most nice summation on that 🙂

  4. Mahasidhra says:

    The King then asked: “What is the samadhi of moon-radiant love?”
    Jivaka answered: “The light of the moon causes all the blue lotuses to unfold in brilliant luminosity.
    Such is the samadhi of moon-radiant love, which causes sentient beings to open forth the good mind.
    This is why it is called ‘the samadhi of moon-radiant love.’

    “Great King, the light of the moon brings joy to the hearts of all travelers on the road. Such is the
    samadhi of moon-radiant love, which brings joy to the hearts of those in practice on the path of
    nirvana. This is why it is called ‘the samadhi of moon-radiant love’… It is the kind of all good,
    it is the sweet nectar. It is what all sentient beings love and aspire for. Therefore, it is called
    ‘the samadhi of moon-radiant love’…”

    Then the Buddha said to all those in the great assembly, “Among the immediate causes of all sentient
    beings’ attainment of supreme, perfect enlightenment, the foremost is a true teacher. Why? If King
    Ajasatru did not follow the advice of Jivaka, he would decidedly die on the seventh day of next month
    and plunge into Avici Hell. Hence, the day of death approaching, there is nothing more importan than
    a true teacher.”

  5. Mahasidhra says:

    (Nirvana Sutra passage)

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