The Unborn Mind


Attend carefully! You can circle the Five Skandhas and the Six Realms of Impermanence indefinitely.
If the principles of this secret-text are not enkindled within you,
You will waste precious energy and the Bodhi-tree will not bear any fruit.
Yea, omit one slight slice from the sacred vessel,
And vast eons will pass you by.
The Eremite Ones have pointed the way,
Now it is up to you to cultivate the guidelines and thus ascend the
String of Eight.

I. The Unborn Mind

  1. The Way of the Unborn Mind is the Natural Stateless State; the natural ascendency of the Primal Essential-Spirit.
  2. The Light of the Unborn cannot be seen through conventional lens. In the One Essence, the Primordial Spirit is Imageless. It is discerned only through the Two Lamps.
  3. Since beginningless time these teachings were only transmitted from Mind to Mind.
  4. Over time the discipline of receiving the transmission deteriorated, thus leaving the Shining Ones to implant the seed of transmission in the minds of exceptional-Noble Dharma-talents.
  5. It is rare to be able to hear the True-Dharma; even rarer for purported learned ones to put-on the Mind of Bodhi. One must attend to the daily-discipline of cultivating one’s spirit in attunement with the undivided gnosis of Dharma-fulfillment.
  6. Although it is believed that there are many avenues of approaching IT, in carrying out the fundamental and elemental Truth there is no need of any other method other than THAT technique which pertains directly to the One Essential; in this regard there is no secondary method.
  7. We address here not any speculative aspects that expound upon the nature of the Absolute Union, but only upon the One-Technique itself.
  8. The Golden-Light of the Unborn is the very Elixir of Life. Those without the aptitude to hold single-mindedly to Its (Golden—unsoiled) Essence cannot partake in IT. This is why it is said, “The nourishment that resides in the Undiscovered Country of the Unborn is of just one flavor.”
  9. The Way of “turning the Light around” aims at withdrawing one’s mind from the myriad images, thus suspending the impulses one projects outward which impinges upon the inner-resources of the spirit. There is a need to “turn-about” from perceived phenomena and center one’s attention on the fixed primordial-point—this is the direct significance of samadhi.
  10. The splendor of the Golden Light lies between the two lamps. This is the superlative spiritual-sanctuary of the Primordial Spirit.
  11. When the Golden Light remains centered, it begins to crystallize in the mind of the adept. This crystallization is one’s True Spiritual Body.
  12. The resulting Spiritual Illumination is guided by the Unborn Spirit and Mind. As such, the adept’s mind remains calm—the essential stance in assuring the continued success of the technique.

the Two Lamps: mystical parlance symbolizing the initial effort in turning-around the light. Esoterically this refers to the “two-eyes”, symbolizing the Sun and Moon. The Full-Moon suggests the prolonged effort (gradually growing to fullness) in sustained one-pointedness of mind. After this comes the Sun THAT symbolizes the prolonged-presence by the Primordial Spirit in the adept’s mind.

there is no secondary method: in The Secret Golden Light of the Unborn there is no other method of spiritual ascendancy other than turning-around the light—which is, in effect, freeing the primordial light that is mired in defiled-aggregated phenomena in the adept’s mind since beginningless time.

The Golden-Light of the Unborn is the very Elixir of Life: the primal-spirit of direct and undivided-awareness, or Primordial Bodhipower. This is a jump-starting of the Original Awareness Principle of returning to the Root Source.

lies between the two lamps: esoterically known as the Third-Eye point, or Urna. In a real-way this is the spiritual-location in which the very Unborn Spirit does the “seeing” into hidden things for the Mind-adept. It’s the location of the Dragon-Eye of Tathata-Chakra, “the energy center of intuition THAT sees the difference between truth and illusion; located in the center of the forehead. It is the entrance to the gateless gate of the Ariyan Mind (the mind that is instilled with Noble Wisdom: Aryajnana), of trusting what you cannot see more than what you see in the skandhic prison which is sunya. This is the Dharma Seat of Noble Wisdom ITself. It’s also the place of focus, or the PiKuan point.”—Lankavatarian Book of the Dead.

begins to crystallize in the mind of the adept: The unified-energy of the Golden Light begins to “Crystallize” in the adept’s mind—this is the formation of one’s “actual” spiritual-self; one begins to exclusively identify with IT alone.

What this first chapter signifies is that the secret Elixir of Light consists in using the Spiritual-Action of the One-Pointedness of Mind in order to free one’s mind to eventually and “effortlessly” attune with the Primordial Spirit of the Unborn Mind, which is now slowly unveiled; thereafter it is the Primordial-Spirit that endures-alone with effortless-action.

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