Closing Reflection: The Secret Golden Light of the Unborn


The opening chapter of this series posed a question: was it the younger-version of myself from 1981 making a return-visit to inspire the older version to recollect the subject matter in greater detail? One thing is certain. That young man planted the seeds in 1981 that would inevitably blossom in the composition of this series in 2015. The Secret Golden Light of the Unborn has developed into a fine spiritual-treatise on the technique of turning-around-the-light; or as referenced often throughout these blog-posts, the Great Turn-About in the inner depths of consciousness in order to discover the Golden-Thread, which if faithfully followed, would lead one back to their True Primordial Home.

The early verses of this text stated that it is up to you “to cultivate the guidelines and thus ascend the String of Eight.” These Eight Strings have formulated certain spiritual axioms that relay the ascendancy of spirit, or one’s True Actual Self, whose main mission is to turn-about from defiled aggregated existence and ride the Golden-Light homeward-bound to the Unborn. The number eight is no arbitrary number, because like Richard Wilhelm who first translated the text of The Secret of the Golden Flower, the number eight has great spiritual significance; when turned on its side it represents infinity:


Hence, what is relayed within these Eight Strings represents indelible and Infinite Truths. One could also say that this series provides a great service to those who adhere to the core-principles found within Unborn Mind Zen, in that the “dominant technique” of turning-around-the-light is refined and empowers one to see how it is further broken-down and then can be later utilized for one’s own spiritual-practice. This is in special regard to the emphasis of “remaining prior to one’s breath” when meditating. The Secret Golden Light of the Unborn has revealed how this is indicative of no-longer breathing on one’s own, but allowing the inner Child of Light (Garbha-child) to breathe for you; in other words, your spirit is now IN the Primordial Spirit and IT becomes the dominant factor in “True-Breathing”; as String IV teaches, being “MORE true and innate to your actual-identity in the Unborn.”

The Secret Golden Light of the Unborn is also a sister text to the Lankavatarian Book of the Dead series. Both deal with Spiritual Alchemy and a blend between both Buddhist and Daoist principles. While the emphasis on the “proper flowing of the Qi” throughout one’s spiritual channels (meridians, chakras) is covered more extensively in the latter series, the former is distinctive in that it emphasizes how the technique of turning-around-the-light is a major player in properly activating these energy channels, in that the “proper compass” is provided in building up the Light-Body. Spiritual inertia is best effaced by holistically attuning Spirit, Mind, and Body; the latter series in particular highlights how this inter-connection is a vital factor in successfully navigating through the first of six Bardo-stages. The former best constructs how the Primordial Master superlatively directs this effort.

The actual writing of the text has been a profound spiritual-experience. Arcane Spiritual Agencies have daily provided the inspiration as well as tweaking and fine-tuning the inner-workings of my own mind and spirit. It’s as if they were saying, “It’s already written—you just have to get it out.” So, this effort has been following the prescriptions of those Primordial-Masters, yea, the Primordials themselves. It seems so right that the ancient text of the Secret of the Golden Flower has now been written in Light of the Unborn; indeed, somehow the gnosis just flows more naturally in the Unborn.


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