Contemplating the mystery – Part 1


The various ways and amount of suffering in this mind-realm is beyond the understanding of any sentient being.

Were it not so, beholding the inevitable pain of such a burning house, all sentients would swiftly strive to know the light of the luminous Mind, being their true nature that allows escape and a firm standing on the nirvanic shore of their true self.

The noble student of the way contemplates the mantra;

Who was I  before this body was born? 

Who am I  after this body was born?

If nothing else helps your path to awakening, repeating and carefully observing the Mind that creates this effective mantra day and night, for as long time as it takes,  in a well cared temple of your own Mind, will most certainly put you in a position for a first enlightenment (Kensho).

Remember; The great mystery, and light of Mahayana, that is permanently pure and Unborn, cannot be forced to reveal itself by your sheer will. 

For where you are strong, It is stronger, and whenever you think you are smart, its Sun is far brighter than your little candle, that easily can be blown out by mara´s winds of destiny..

Though it has to be told, that your will (Spirit) can most certainly put (will) itself into a favourable position; as to allow the positionless mystery of all Buddhas to emerge and illuminate.

Do you think you can achieve this task  before your present house burns down, taking your mind with it into the hereafter? 

Only you know the answer to that question.

In Dharma,


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3 Responses to Contemplating the mystery – Part 1

  1. Ary.brh says:

    Just wished to say the following: After discovering your site a few months ago, i’ve been pouring through everything i could find on this site and reading it with a voracious appetite. I appreciate all that has been written on this site, as well as the dharmakaya sutra. This site has helped me more on my path than the combination of all other resources i’ve used. Thanks for the wisdom you have shared, it does not go unnoticed.

  2. Tozen says:

    This site, created by Vajragoni, was meant for the likes of you. The ones yearning, consciously or sub-consciously, for the light of Mahayana that enlightens and liberates their Spirit from any future ignorance and suffering.

    This of course not only by the guiding letters found here on this site, but also through the imcomparable luminosity found in their Unborn Mind.

    I am just a visitng old monk, always happy to offer a pointing finger as where to look and discover the self-evident.

  3. Ary.brh says:

    I apologize for not including the intention of Vajragoni also being recognized. In general, I felt a desire to thank the people of this site for all of their wisdom, as well as sources used, for the inexplicably amazing guidance I have received from reading what you’ve had available. As you said, the Unborn Mind resonates strongly with what is written and knowledge pours forth when one observes such work.

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