The Celestial Dragon Mind


1. The Celestial Dragon Mind

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Ascending Vairochana’s Throne


The creative subtlety of the Celestial Dragon Mind is available to you in all Its fullness. For the gods are small but I Am the Unborn. I Am your Primordial Partner and progress is made through quiescent acceptance of principled truths. This is known as the Noble Imperative. Quiescence here pertains to remaining in the All AS All; whereas exhibiting the dull trait of quietism pertains to falling into the terrible pit of nothingness.

Useless activity goes against the grain of the steadfast spirit. Wait upon guidance from nobler-realms. Thus does a Noble One ascend like a Black Dragon from the lesser-realms of the puthujjana.

Unequivocal attentiveness towards the Primordial Mentor is of paramount importance.  The Noble One must embody the Undivided Mind and Spirit of the Primordials. Reverence of these truths will produce a bountiful spiritual harvest.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: The Dragon is still. No movement.

Premature action will result in failure. Now is the time to nurture the hidden elixir of the Primordial Qi. Acting now in any foolhardy attempt to go-it alone without prior spiritual cultivation is like committing suicide.

Second yang: The Dragon comes out of his lair; now is the time to put on the Mind of the Shining Noble Ones.   

When the partial-mind becomes whole, the inner-soil yields and is impregnated with the Bodhi-seed and the spiritual fetus is formed. Like the developing spiritual-infant one does not become haughty but maintains a healthy modesty in watchfulness.

Third yang: The Noble One works diligently all day and remains Vigilant at night. Danger is present, but it will do no harm.

Working diligently by day the spiritual adept grows with fidelity in the Way of the Unborn. If one does not falter at night but remains perpetually vigilant, untold blessings unfold, even in the face of Mara’s hordes.

Fourth yang: The Dragon may leap or remain in the depths of the abyss. Falling into potential error is not feared.

Spiritual elixir flows unhindered. The development of the dragon-child nears maturity and awaits its transformation in the power of Bodhi. Now is the time of perseverance even in the direct face of failure.

Fifth yang: The Dragon is freed from its tethers and soars into the heights of the Unborn.

The adept now puts on the spiritual armor of the Primordials and seeks out like-minded ones who are putting into proper ACTION the principle tenets of the Unborn Mind.

Sixth yang: The haughty Dragon loses its head.

Excessive living in the spiritual heights, if not balanced and anchored with a temperate spirit, will plunge one into the depths of the great abyss. Strength, moderated with suppleness, are required of the Noble Ones lest the hard-earned path is obstructed and laid waste.

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