3. Obstacles

hex 3

Akshobhya Bound


In the midst of present difficulties a supernal prize awaits as one is now Akshobhya-bound. It’s a time of neither going nor standing still, as the aspiring ascetic is empowered to transcend the restrictions of samsaric reality. In order to win Akshobhya’s crown one must remain resilient (immovable) in the face of all obstacles by disengaging from phenomena through wu-wei—actionless activity.

Resist the mad desire to confront the obstacle head-on and learn to endure the distress without succumbing to its effects. Be as the gentle rain that gradually dissolves the rocky terrain.

Stand-fast to principled-truths and always be willing to respectfully accept the advice of the Primordial Mentor. Awaken to the realization that all the dark clouds on the horizon will dynamically give-way to the brilliant sun of deliverance from all chaos.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: Roadblock ahead. Resist frontal assault through effortless wu-wei.

Time to consolidate your inner-resourcefulness by listening to the timeless advice of the Primordial Mentor. All obstacles are eventually surmounted by standing on the shoulder of colossal sages of old.

Second yin: No immediate progress. Overcome the desire to create cumbersome obligations.

Remain chaste in the Unborn rather than committing yourself to any quick-fix solutions that will only create further obstacles.

Third yin: Entering the unknown devoid of proper guidance.

It is wise to wait on timely advice until the way ahead is made discernable from higher and nobler perspectives. This is known as putting on the Adamantine Body of Akshobhya.

Fourth yin: Yearning to go forward, yet remaining at a standstill.

Sincere and faithful abidance in the Unborn will result in good fortune. Seek alliance with the Illumined Ones before progressing further on your path.

Fifth yang: Darkness eclipses the light.

The dragon fetus is still forming, yet dark forces enshrouds any further spiritual development. While propriety in small matters is still possible, it is ill-advised to act in great matters without additional spiritual cultivation.

Sixth yin: Blood, sweat and tears.

Fear prevails and the puthujjana are ruling the day. It is tempting to abandon the spiritual journey. Wait upon further guidance from the primordials.

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