Babes in the Woods


4. Babes in the Woods

hex 4

Amoghasiddhi Rising


In comparison to the Primordials, aspiring spiritual adepts are like lost “babes in the woods.” This hexagram counsels that one needs to utilize the Unborn I Ching as a lantern shining luminous light that leads one safely through the Dark Wood of Error. This is a representation of Amoghasiddhi Rising, as his Luminous Green Light is the “All Accomplishing Wisdom” that lifts the ascetic from samsaric incarceration to the Enlightening-Spirit-Sphere of Divine Wisdom.

One does not belittle oneself by invoking the guiding wisdom of the Primordial Mentor; rather one is spiritually uplifted to ageless provinces of Buddha-gnosis that are beyond the ken of man’s imagination. True development in the Buddhadharma is effected by how much one measures their spiritual progress with the enlightened sages of old.

We must place all of our predetermined notions of liberation at the feet of the Tathagatas. Journeying with the Primordial Sage of the Unborn I Ching will empower us to see beyond our feeble limitations and thus learn to discern directly the divine impetus of the Shining Ones. As the hexagram demonstrates, Akshobhya has provided the spiritual foundation, one that is unmovable in the face of all fear; this must now give way to the ascending spiritual-mount of Amoghasiddhi, from whose apex one gets a bird’s-eye view of All-Accomplishing Spirit Realms untold.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: Self-discipline in the ways of the Unborn is a prerequisite in breaking the bonds of sensate phenomena.

Self-discipline is the beginning of Spiritual Wisdom. Without it one will never even reach the first step on the ascent to higher-gnosis.

Second yang: It is wise to bear patiently with those still entrapped in the lower bhumis.

Never Lord-it-Over others, regardless of their capacities; it wasn’t that long ago that you also were a babe lost in the woods.

Third yin: The Primordial Mentor does not presuppose servitude.

In like fashion, the Primordials never Lord-it-Over us; they open the portal to greater spiritual advancement, but do not toss-us into the maelstrom to teach us servile obedience. We are called to enter it at appropriate junctions along the cosmic highway.

Fourth yin: Self-entanglement.

Reliance on the intellect alone breeds self-ignorance. Those who do so will suffer regret and worse. Maintaining this arrogant attitude further imprisons one in the dark wood; yea, one is estranged from Reality Itself. This is known as straying from the Element of Truth.

Fifth yin: The joy of innocence brings good fortune.

The secrets of the cosmos are revealed only to the pure in spirit. This is a most auspicious realization.

Sixth yang: The fool hath said in his heart, “There is no Unborn!”

Those who follow the curse of the living (samsaric regeneration) are perpetually doomed. Only through the Unborn and Uncreate is deathlessness won.

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