The Waiting

the waiting

5. The Waiting

hex 5

Vairochana’s Watch


The situation at hand cannot be resolved without nurturing one’s inner-resourcefulness and strength. The Primordials will reveal the resolution once one is fully attuned with their own oracular perception of eventual outcomes. This is a time of watchfulness as one awaits Mind’s own gnosis of unraveling the bundle of possibilities into only one, one based solely on the unobstructed field of the Dharmakaya—known simply as Vairochana’s Watch.

Akshobhya’s position at the top of the hexagram signifies the Mirror-like-Wisdom of how the Dharmakayic-field permeates all. As above, so below. Hence it is most wise to strengthen and reaffirm one’s faith in this Principle.

One simply learns to accept Reality AS IT IS and not viewing IT to be somehow dependent upon the shifting-sands of samsara; in other words, embracing THATNESS as opposed to whatever may fleetingly come about.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: Waiting on the perimeter and not totally partaking in the samsaric-plunge.

Accept being momentarily in the world but not of it. In such fashion one is unaffected by either success or failure. One needs only to hold unto THAT which endures and is unaffected by the rapidly passing patterns of illusive time.

Second yang: Waiting on the sand, one has sights towards the Other Shore.

It is immaterial what happens on the sandy-ground of materiality. What really IS arises un-haphazardly on the Other Shore.

Third yang: Waiting in the mud, watch for the approach of enemies.

Do not be careless or bogged-down in your own short-sightedness, otherwise those with evil intent will catch you off-guard and thus render significant harm.

Fourth yin: Waiting in blood, you unwittingly become trapped in your own tomb.

Excessive judgment of others and willful neglect of the Primordial Mentor’s advice, you spill your own blood. Don’t blame fate for your own ruin.

Fifth yang: Calm amidst the storm.

Outwardly there may be danger all around, but inwardly rests a perpetual sea of calm. Take refuge for a time before pursuing further action.

Sixth yin: The yawn of the great chasm looms largely ahead; uninvited guests make their presence known.

Although the waiting has commenced, nothing appears to be resolving. In fact, old ways and habits are returning and knocking at the door. Now is the time to deal with them effectively before initiating further ventures.

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