6. Self-conflict

hex 6

Akshobhya Confined


Separation from equanimity within the Self-Mind leads to dire straits. One becomes identified (false self-recognition) again exclusively with phenomenal outflows and thus submerges the Essential-Self that is synonymous with the Primordial-Source Itself. Hence one is in Self-conflict. One must constantly recollect that all defiled-garbha cannot touch the Essence of who you really are.

One is held spellbound to the contingent-self of the five aggregates: Akshobhya Confined. This translates as the Akshobhyan energies of immutability and indestructible diamond-like resiliency suffering a reverse-transmutation and morphing into the skandhic-aggregetical-beast that it meant to transform into the Clear Translucent Light of the Unborn.

Entrapped in a perpetual-vortex of Self-conflict one is estranged from the primordial-perspective of remaining centered and balanced in the Noble Principles of freedom from all suffering.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: Avoid all contentious situations in the beginning.

Remain prior-to all aggregetical-angst by not engaging the antecedent trigger that animates all obscurata in the first place.

Second yang: Don’t be overwhelmed by superior odds.

If the odds are not in your favor, there is no disgrace in retreat. The Noble One maintains respectable distance thereby allowing the Primordials to best assess the situation.

Third yin: Adherence to ancient virtues is the best policy.

Ancient virtues derive from the gods themselves acquiescing to the Eternal Truths of the Buddhadharma. You too are called to uphold them in quiescent perseverance and remembrance of your Self-Luminous Unborn Buddha Mind.

Fourth yang: Return to Right Action.

It bodes well now to remain steadfast in the face of all diversity. Such Right Action will instill the Mind in the ways of Deathless Luminosity against all evil.

Fifth yang: Hand over all concerns to the Primordial Mentor.

This always assures Right Resolution under all circumstances.

Sixth yang: You may win short-term gain, but the long-term price to pay is not worth the effort.

It is advisable to let-go of all worrisome preparations over unrewarding ventures. The energy put into obtaining such futile objectives only depletes the Way of Right Recollection of the Self that Alone is truly productive—a priceless investment.

* Right Recollection is Right View in Light of the Right Reality (Dharmadhātu) of Pure Mind.

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