The Armāta


7. The Armāta

hex 7

Ratnasambhava Submissive


A great trial looms on the horizon. Now is the time for properly gathering together spiritual forces to sufficiently encounter the situation. Ratnasambhava is submissive to Akshobhya in the sense of taking spiritual refuge in the Immovable One in the face of all evil; yea, the Matrix of the Jewel is secure and sheltered by the Matrix of the Diamond Mind. Hence a great armāta is formed, an assemblage of a great fleet of impregnable spiritual forces.

Only by mustering a great spiritual force within is one empowered to confront the challenges that unfold ahead. The Noble One builds an immovable wall of perseverance by holding steadfastly to well-tried principles of insurmountable truth. Discipline under fire.

Keep in mind that victory in the battle depends upon maintaining spiritual equilibrium and magnanimous equanimity—Ratnasambhava’s best trait.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: The armāta must set forth in orderly fashion, otherwise misfortune is bound to occur.

Gather together the spiritual forces of protection wisely and without haste.

Second yang: In the midst of the armāta, a capable commander-in-chief.

Call upon the Primordial Mentor who can best assess the situation at hand; yea, he is the top spiritual commander who is resilient in battle and best capable of achieving success.

Third yin: The armāta sustains serious casualties.

Inferior elements have usurped control of the situation. Admit the mistake and reassess options.

Fourth yin: The armāta needs to retreat to port, no harm done.

Realize that success is no longer possible without first disengaging and regaining equanimity.

Fifth yin: Wild demons are afoot, remain well guarded!

Demons are manifesting everywhere; time to retire into solitude and silence in order to contemplate the best course of action, or inaction.

Sixth yin: The Battle O’er, what course to steer next?

Whether in victory or defeat the Noble One needs to remain reticent. Progress forward can only be weighed by principles that steer the proper course.

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