8. Synchroneity

hex 8

Ratnasambhava Dominant


Ratnasambhava dominant is an auspicious sign that everything is now working in synchronous accord, a good omen for the spirit of equanimity. In order for this time to flow unhindered adherence to according with what is right and what is real is essential for the basis of true reality, this is known as upholding the flag of the Element of Truth. The basis here is Akshobhya’s primordial and Mirror-like-Wisdom that empowers one to discern that the Dharmadhatu is ever-present and permeates all.

The second prerequisite for success with this hexagram is the need to quieten the inner emotional vexations that are incessantly resisting the flow of spontaneous accord with bodhipower, or in this instance the power of the awakened spirit and mind.  The question needs to be asked, am I staying linked with primordial agencies and propensities, or am I about to flounder this present opportunity by opening the floodgate and drowning to a raging sea of sentiments and passions.

The task now is not trying to foster an Olympian spirit, but rather innocently and trustingly sailing serenely on a shining lake of inner-tranquility.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: Synchroneity with the Element of Truth brings good fortune.

Be humble and flexible with the inner-gnosis that all is in accord now with the true nature of reality; in such fashion you can be confidently assured that all is unfolding as it should, like the unhindered flow of a gentle rivulet.

Second yin: Synchroneity with inner rectitude bodes nicely.

You are now in league with your True and Best-Self; nothing can sever this dignity of the Ariyan Spirit and Mind.

Third yin: Synchroneity with the wrong elements breeds contempt.

This is selling-out to the wrong crowd; keeping exclusive company with the icchantikas is indeed an evil omen.

Fourth yin: Hold-fast to the Primordial Mentor even outwardly.

External (accompanied with inner-recollective resourcefulness) synchroneity with primordial virtues and principles is the best course.

Fifth yang: Remember that appropriate relationships flow from upholding Right Actions.

One enters into Right Relationships by manifesting Right Actions. When others observe that you are remaining firm in your noble-convictions, they will not attempt to dominate or manipulate you. Recollect that you always hold the dominant-position in the Unborn.

Sixth yin: Synchroneity without the proper compass bodes ill.

Acting arbitrarily by one’s own volition without divine assistance is a foolhardy choice and will leave you alone and vulnerable; always act as if the Primordial Mentor is standing always by your side, leading you in Right Direction.

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