9. Thunderbolt

hex 9



Primal forces are afoot to shake one out of complacency and fully awaken to the issue at hand. The hexagram indicates that this primal-qi shock therapy is what is needed to pull one out of the druthers into the direct and immediate-realization of acting on what is required: in the middle, one yang is depicted below two yins, highlighting the manifestation of movement within stillness. All the myriad acts are reflective of one supernal-implosion, while at the same time never jettisoning proper introspection.

The thunderbolt also represents how we have been disregarding the laws of primal-order and that these raw energies need to be harnessed, channeled, and regulated for one’s higher growth.

Often the thunderbolt appears in a time of direct-challenge from others, testing one’s vulnerability in areas left unchecked deep within the psyche. Once these direct-assaults are weighed against a steadfast spirit (totally recollective within the Unborn) all will be appropriately resolved.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: When the thunderbolt appears, in the beginning a shock catching one off guard, yet afterwards a most auspicious occurrence.

Being shaken out of complacency can be an alarming event, yet once the shock-value sinks in one discerns the benefits that can only accrue from primal-sectors.

Second yin: The thunderbolt has the potential to destroy; if wisely harnessed it can be used for one’s benefit.

Do not fear unpleasant, even jarring experiences. They are offered to better help one adapt to the oftentimes chaotic veracity of samsara.

Third yin: The flash and terrific blast of a sudden thunderbolt—panic and alarm!

Left trembling in fear how can you override this initial shock-value? If your will is irrepressible in the Unborn, no amount of assaulting forces can weaken your constitution as a Noble One.

Fourth yang: During the storm, one gets bogged-down in mind-erupting all over the place.

The aftereffects of the violent storm leaves one feeling violated and that all is lost. Now is not the time to sulk over apparent-injury, but to accept the situation with an inner-resourcefulness born of resolute courage that new opportunities for growth are afoot!

Fifth yin: Thunderbolts come and go, seek eternal refuge in the Unborn.

Maintain the Recollective Resolve in the raging vicissitudes of all storms on the horizon.

Sixth yin: Thundering chaos is fast becoming normative—where to turn?

Don’t keep focusing on negative forces that can bring fear and ruin. Now is the time to re-channel and transform the raw-energy of the tempest into the Clear-Light of Mind centered in the Unborn.

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