10. Abundance

hex 10

Amitabha Rising


The Light of Spiritual Brilliance overflows in abundance. This is Amitabha rising and his Padma-field reflects infinite Bodhi-emissions emanating from the Mind of all Tathagatas. This is the time to allow your Noble-Virtue to shine throughout this present saha world and worlds beyond. Amitabha’s symbol of ‘Fire’ represents unhindered illumination and this illumination is now meant to be employed.

Although this illumination is boundless, one still needs to employ it in proper-measure, knowing when to extend it and when to withdraw it in order to develop continual inner and enduring richness.

Amitabha also warns that if we use this illumination solely for personal gain, the spiritual-flame will burn-out and stagnation will result.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: When one unites with the fire of the Primordials, the conjoinment lasts for ten days.

Ten days symbolizes the consecutive stages of spiritual-development (see SEVEN: ASCENDING THE BHŪMIS).

Second yin: The Sun is eclipsed at noon.

The spiritual illumination begins to darken even at mid-day. Inferior influences are eclipsing one’s progress. Now is the time to pause and reflect before moving forward, as if the Sun itself stops-dead in its trek across the heavens; otherwise ill-omens will usurp the hard-won path.

Third yang: The eclipse reaches its peak; broken bones.

Misunderstandings arise when one becomes too haughty in bearing the flame of illumination. In such instances illumination itself is totally eclipsed and gives way to the dark power of the evil-one. Now is the time to erase hubris, thus allowing the eclipse to safely pass.

Fourth yang: Darkness disperses as one responds to the power of Sagehood.

One is enlightened by the abiding presence of the hidden-sage. Indeed, admitting dependence on the Primordial Mentor is an auspicious realization.

Fifth yin: Propitious beatification is at hand—rejoice!

Propitious beatification signifies the clarity that is issued when in total openness to primordial-agencies; yea, spiritual illumination now arises of its own accord (devoid of hubris).

Sixth yin: Hoarding spiritual-illumination—miserly-ruin is assured.

Don’t hide the Light of Illumination under a basket—share it with all.

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